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August 28, 2015

30 for 30

Thanks guys for your awesome birthday wishes. I'll respond to comments soon. I have been swamped this week and if this post wasn't semi drafted before this week, I'm fairly certain I wouldn't even have a post up today. Work is cray.

Anyway, the big DIRTY number (that I haven't really said  out loud since I turned it) has finally arrived and I thought I'd share 30 things about me with you to commemorate the occasion (also because there are some new faces around these parts). Eventually I'll post pics from the actual birthday but today I'd rather bombard you with random facts about me that you probably dont care about. 

thirtieth birthday

1. I feel no different today that I did in my 20's ... I have some twerk left in me yet.

old woman dancing

2. ... In fact I look and feel 26 (Yesterday someone thought I was 24 - SCORE)

3. I can say the Hail Mary in French - I went to catholic school and was taught it by my French teacher in form 3 (google says form 3 = 8th grade). I remember ever word. 

4. ... That said, French was the freaking hardest foreign language for me to learn. Passé composé anyone? Blech
I cant speak french
5. I have a superb memory clearly - see this post for more proof.

6. My favourite body part(s) are my eyes. In school one teacher even called me "bright eyes".

7. My lips are a close second in the favourite body part category (although I once hated how huge my lips were).

8. I think one of the best modern day inventions is Windows.

9. ... that said I own two iPhones (one for work), an Ipad, 2 iPods, a Macbook Pro and exactly ZERO windows products

10. I contradict myself regularly (see all of the above for proof)

11. These days I watch more YouTube than I do TV 

12. I'm a tongue roller

13. I can raise each eyebrow independently. When my right eyebrow raises really high ... I more than likely think you're speaking a pile of poop.
disney gifs

14. I'm short with small size 5 feet, which you probably already know if you've read this blog for a minute, but you probably didn't know that I have the tiniest toes ever. My little toe is basically non existent.

15. My nose used to be pierced - and I miss the piercing something fierce. I took it out because - #lifeofalawyer (For the record I hate when lawyers use that hashtag but I did say I contradict myself)

16. My ears were each pierced twice but the second piercing on each ear fell out - one ripped out. Ripped. out. 

17. Im obsessed with coffee - almost black coffee - for the day Ive already had 3 cups (as Im writing this its 2 in the afternoon).
too much coffee gif

18. I haven't applied nail polish in weeks - fingers nor toes

19. Even though I will readily admit when I am - I hate being wrong ... I legit think I'm the shit.

kanye - I am the best

20. I get ragey or sad over news stories e.g. the story about the reporters who were shot live on air made me sick to my stomach - sick.

21. Daydreaming is a solid pastime of mine.

22. I miss my sister every single minute of every day.

23. I see 11:11 every single day - see above and see this post as to why I think that's significant

24. I'm a side sleeper - I physically cannot sleep on my stomach because:

boobies gif

Sidenote: I actually get really freaked out by people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. Especially backs. It looks too much like - death.

25. ... speaking of sleep - watching people sleep freaks me out. I don't mind them sleeping around or next to me but - I get nervous. I time their breath, check to make sure they are alive all sorts of weird shit. e.g. My dad snores and every time I'm home and I see him asleep and he's not snoring I stare at him until he takes like five breaths.

i dont work right up here gif

26. I have sleep issues ... clearly 

27. I don't like scary stuff - commercials for horror movies scare me. Scary movie scared me. Thank the Lord Halloween is not huge here - I could not deal with it.

28. I'm obsessed with cars, racing, speed, wheels and Lewis Hamilton (yum).

29. Scotch is my drink of choice but I probably drink wine more than I do scotch (see point about contradictions way above)

30. After taking days to complete this list, no one can convince me that 30 is not a HUGE number because - this. list. would. not. freaking. end. 

Cheers to 30!! I'm loving it so far!

I know none of you read every single one but which (of those you read) is the weirdest one?

**I sucked at answering comments this week - thankfully its a long weekend here so I'll do my best to catch up over the weekend.

Have a great weekend guys!!

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  1. Haha. Uou don't know me. I read them all. They're all weird and contradictory and awesome. A lot of things on the list I can identify with. I've been sleeping on my stomach for a while but am trying to stop. Trying to consciously go back to side sleeping. Sleeping on the back just looks uncomfortable.
    I have no piercings. I don't wear a lot of jewelry (religious reasons) but when I was younger, I wanted to pierce my ears. I wore clip ons instead. Can you say uncomfortable?

  2. I read #6 and was going to start telling you about how FAB your lips are...then, I read #7 :)
    #15 made me laugh audibly.
    #21 - ME TOO!
    #25 was your weirdest fact (yes, I read the entire post and that you asked which was the weirdest!).

    I didn't know about your sister - goodness, she was beautiful - not that that should matter, but she was. BIG hugs!!!

  3. Raising each of your eye brows independently is quite a talent - I can't even do one!! I also can't watch anything scary to save my life!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. 30 is the new 20! i used to have a tongue and belly ring and when i think back, wonder why i even did that LOL

  5. People sleeping on their backs is the creepiest thing ever. Totally agree. But counting breaths and snores is definitely weird.

    My daughter can raise one eyebrow at a time but not on purpose and it's totally bizarre. I wish I could explain it better.

  6. I tried to do a 37 list like this, to many to finish.

    People call my daughter bright eyes, they kind of sparkle when the light hits them.

  7. hahahaha to #3.
    so the mr bean gif, in paris, someone told me my french was very good (in french) and i said 'thank you!' hahaha so embarrassed.
    i sleep on my back. and my stomach. and my side. I move a lot ;)
    hugs to #22.

  8. Boobs are the worst for sleeps! Mine kill my back when I lay on my stomach because it's such an awkward angle.

  9. French was hard for me to learn too. I was horrible at it in high school. I remember some of it. But very little.

  10. Of course I read every single one. Your sleeping issues made me laugh though. I can sleep any way BUT on my side. So uncomfortable. Personally, 30 has been AMAZING. I'm a firm believer that age is just a number but I liked this one so much I might just repeat it.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY!!! Omg these are so many apple products haha. And tbvh, I literally watch everything on youtube because I never keep up with the tv shows schedule.

  12. Cheers to 30, love!! Love learning new things about you, even though I knew some of these already too :) I actually try to sleep on my back and since I started that about a year ago I sleep so much better and have so much less weirdness in my back. It's better for sinus headaches too! Sorry, just felt the need to defend my corpse-sleeping self ;) Happy birthday again!! Hope 30 is your best year yet! <3

  13. Haha I loved your lizard story post - I don't think I was around when you posted it but you must have linked to it another time because I remember being like OMG SAMESIES (except with frogs but whatever). Honestly I can't wait to be 30, not that my 20s have been bad, I just feel like I'm starting to hit my stride in my late 20s which is going to set my 30s up to be awesome. I'm glad to hear you're rocking 30 so far - hope you had the best time celebrating!

  14. Ripped out?! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just painted my nails/toes for the first time in like, 3 weeks. That's a RECORD for me. lol

  15. I could not make it through a day without coffee! My fingernails are never polished I use my hands way too much. I love scary movies so that makes me sad you don't like them but totally understand too.

  16. hehe this cracks me up. Contradicting yourself. :) My dad looooooves scotch. We get him older Glenlivet bottles for his birthday and xmas and he sticks it in the snow he's so excited. :) The eyebrow thing? Me too. Also, I have the hardest time watching the news or reading news on my computer. I won't be able to function. : / Hoping year 30 is the best yet for you! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  17. I am so behind! Happy birthday! Also 30 isn't excellent number I'm halfway through my 30th year and thinking this isnt half bad! I still feel like I'm in my 20s pretty much on a daily basis but there's been a lot of things that I've accomplished in my three years and I'm pretty proud of that! It looks like you've done some awesome stuff as well! And 30 things is a lot to list!

  18. happy belated birthday! i actually usually sleep on my back and barely move, so you would hate being around me ha.

  19. You're too funny! The sleeping one cracks me up but yes people sleeping on their back do look like death. It doesn't look comfortable either!!

  20. I have my ears double pierced. I have noticed that fewer and fewer people do. But yours were ripped out?? Ouchie!!! I think sleeping on the back is totally creepy too!!! Like they belong in a coffin or something. Sometimes I wind up on my stomach but then I am like ahhhh why did I do that! I always regret it because my chest becomes sore and it hurts my lower back to lay like that for long.

  21. Ah man, I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one and I can't wait to read all about it. 30 isn't too bad. Actually, I've been enjoying my thirties far more than I ever enjoyed my twenties. Love your list by the way. I've never had scotch. Perhaps one day I'll have some. My 35th Birthday is coming up. I should do a similar post :)

  22. Ah man, I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one and I can't wait to read all about it. 30 isn't too bad. Actually, I've been enjoying my thirties far more than I ever enjoyed my twenties. Love your list by the way. I've never had scotch. Perhaps one day I'll have some. My 35th Birthday is coming up. I should do a similar post :)

  23. haha this is great..
    happy late bday!
    #24 is my fav

  24. Ahahah Who knew you were so oddly quirky (re #25). But seriously re #18 don't let next week see you without some nailpolish on.

  25. Hahaha - such a cute post. I love it!


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