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October 16, 2015

Friday Favourites

It's no secret by now that I've been a busy bee. Between working (I spent my entire day in court today), tutoring (also working), and life-ing, I have neglected my poor blog (and yours :( ). Life happens though and Im here with my faves. I should mention though that although I may sound like I'm complaining, I actually love my job and find joy in giving it 150% - I just need to find extra time in the day for everything else that I love. Anyhoo ... 

Friday Favourites
Fave Moment:
This past weekend, my firm had an awards ceremony for staff. I got to dress up, let my hair down (literally) and look cute. I forgot to snap pics though so all you get is this grainy pic from the car ride.

Fave un-fave moment:
Ok so this isnt a fave but I had to document it. I got my very first flat this past week. I legit threw my car (technically my dad's new car that I've been driving for a month that I'm not sure if ill ever give back because my dad is the bestest best and - its cute) into a crater in the road ... ok lets not be so dramatic. I drove straight into a hole filled with water and the tire popped. Although I have roadside assistance (similar to your AAA), two good Samaritans stopped and changed my tire for me (while trying to pick me up and giving me their numbers ... ). They put on a spare and I drove myself to the shop to get a real tire put on... which in itself should be documented since I've never done that before. First time for everything I guess.

Fave Family - thingy:
My sis who lives in Australia got a puppy. And he's the cutest thing ever. Hello Domino!!

Fave Recipe:
Shameless plug. I created this recipe and posted it on Wednesday. You should try it! ;) I'm cooking a lot these days and plan to document that more since its become fun and ... why not.

Shepherd's pie recipe

Fave Funnies
Daily thoughts:

Truer words have never been spoken:

My Weekend mantra:
It happens every single time:

And then I'm all like:

Fave Song:
I might be too embarrassed to say how much I love this song and how much I've listened to it in the past week. But it's my jam these days:

Typical me ... I go missing and then I throw out an extra long post. If you read this far you da best!
Have a great weekend guys!!!

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