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December 01, 2015

Boosting your confidence ...

Two posts in one day!! I am on a roll *pats self on back*.

I was approached to publish this post and because confidence and body issues (hello big boobs) is something I and many other women struggle with, I accepted. Its actually an issue near and dear to my heart. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and there are some really great tips in this post!


** This post was written by Giselle Marilynn. 

How Lingerie Can Boost Your Confidence

It’s often been said that in order to look great, you have to feel great, and this is something that everyone can attest to. When we feel sexy, we exude this confidence that just makes us look good, and even if we’re just sitting around in our house clothes, this confidence can do wonders for us. Unfortunately, mass media can often prevent us from feeling this confidence, as they promote unrealistic expectations of the female form. Of course, every woman can feel beautiful and sexy, regardless of size, and one way to do this is by wearing the right lingerie.

Many women think that they can’t pull off lingerie, thanks mostly to the fact that most lingerie models we see these days are stick-thin. There are some names out there that have begun to change this, however. Plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham, a woman who has always spoken against body shaming and has transcended modeling and even designed her own line of lingerie, says that the trick to feeling good in lingerie is to wear what suits your body.

“As for sizing, honestly the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra,” she tells fashion magazine Vogue. “The circumference of the bra is usually too big; if you are pulling your bra down in the back—it’s too big. If you are manually scooping your breasts back into the right position—the circumference is too big. If you have a muffin top, over the cup—it’s too small, and if your straps are falling down your shoulders—you need to tighten that. Those are common issues, and if any of those things are happening to you, you need to go get measured for a new bra.”

More than sizing, however, choosing the right style of lingerie is also important. These days, lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes. As explained by online fashion shopping aggregator Lyst, those who shop for lingerie can now choose from “bras, camisoles, thongs, boy shorts and panties in flirty lace, seductive satin, romantic silk and frothy tulle, plus stock up on seductive corsets, gift-worthy lingerie sets, bodysuits and everyday beautiful basics.” But how would one select the best style?

The trick is to figure out your body shape, and investing in the right kind of lingerie to compliment your body type is key. “Show off your best asset,” Ashley Graham tells the Huffington Post when asked about choosing lingerie. “Hopefully every woman has at least one thing they love about their body, so play it up. If you like your boobs, get a push up bra. If you hate your stomach, get a bustier, and start from there. A chemise is perfect for a girl who wants to cover up but still look sexy. Play around with what you like. Look in the mirror and really tell yourself you look good, don't just wear it for your partner but wear it for yourself - that builds confidence.”


I hope the message of this post really does resonate with at least one of you.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

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  1. I have fallen victim to wearing the wrong bra size before! There is a specialty store here in the Birmingham area that will size you and find the right bra for your body. The bras there are maybe $10 to $15 more than Victoria Secrets, but they are much better quality, fit better and last way longer!!! It is so important to feel confident and for me, the confidence starts under the clothes...making me look the best that I can!

  2. I definitely have a couple bras that are not the right size anymore! I am all about finding sexy but comfortable underwear/bras...they shouldn't have to be ugly to be comfy!

  3. Getting bras that fit right is so important--my shirts always look so much better when I have a bra that does what it's supposed to do. :)

  4. My bra straps have been falling down lately... even though I retighten them all the time!

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  5. i totally agree about the style as well! i used to buy whatever looked good on a supermodel (LOL) and it's taken me a few years to figure out comfort is key, and comfort doesn't have to be granny undies, just has to be comfortable! comfortable and confidence is sexy :)


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