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January 05, 2016

Happy New Year!!! And January's Book Club: Strong looks better naked

Happy New Year Guys!!! It's 2016!

Gosh I have abandoned my blog, or at least from the outside it must look like it. From the inside, its still dear to my heart. I had planned to rock in yesterday with a New Years post but when I sat to draft it on Sunday night, I got a call that my friends mum had passed away ... not the best start to the New Year. Still, I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know that one of my goals not just for 2016 but in general (I dont make resolutions) is to have this blog up and running again.

Alrighty ... on to Book Club!
Khloe Kardashian strong looks better naked

Khloe Kardashian 
Khloe Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, heart, mind and soul with inspirational, revealing stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self-image.

In a culture that worships skinny, Khloe Kardashian writes with passion about the power of strength: a strong body becomes a strong mind, which builds strength of heart, character and ultimately strength of spirit. This is an inspiring book about how to create strength and true beauty in every area of your life, inside and out. The book features inspired personal stories from Khloe and practical how-to advice about building a strong body, mind, heart and soul in your own life. 

I was being generous when I gave 3 stars ... I also didn't create an image with less stars when I started to review books so there's that. 

I like to think of myself as a very objective person. I'm afraid to write this review and come across as a "Kardashian hater". It's not about that, its about the book. If I read a book and loved it, no matter who the author is I would shout it from the rooftop. I just didn't love this one ... and likewise it had nothing to do with the author. 

I get the point of the book and it does have a great message. It's a new year and I know most people's resolutions are to hit the gym/lose weight etc. I think that her message of reclaiming her life after the loss of love and love in general is a good one. A really good one. And for that message the book can get an extra star. In fact, I saw a lot of me in the book and its message of self confidence and finding it... It can also get a star for its message about different body types (again something that resonated with me) and the fact that there is no one standard of beauty. Frankly though, its the delivery of the message I just couldn't get with. It was all over the place. It was autobiographical, it was an advice book (there were fitness tips etc), a recipe book, adult fiction, comedy and drama all in one.

One thing I really didn't care for was the name of the book. While it didn't necessarily carry through the entire book, and while I get that its a brand thing and a way to sell books, I shudder to think that some young girl actually will think that strong looks better naked. Which is just silly. 

Not horrible

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  1. This is one that I probably won't read. I'm not a Kardashian superfan nor do I consider myself a hater, but Kardashian and books don't really go together in my mind. Lol. And yeah, that title is just a huge turnoff for me as well as the fact that I heard that her book (or at least certain editions of it) also come with a poster of her. Yeah, no thanks.

  2. HAppy New Year!! Good to know that this wasn't the best--- even though I'm not a huge Khardashian fan, I think they've done very well for themselves-- all things being considered…. I guess authors aren't one of these.

  3. i totally agree - it really was all over the place, and i thought there was a lot of inconsistencies. happy new year girl, hope 2016 is amazing for you!

  4. I tried reading it. I made it a fair amount in before I just gave up. The book rambles and she repeats herself SO MANY TIMES! Like, I get it. You love the gym. The gym is your release, it helps you. You feel good... get on with it already! Also, sorry to hear about your friend's mom. That's terrible.

  5. Happy new year! Welcome back!

  6. Happy New Year! Gotta say that I probably wouldn't have picked this one up anyhow but I agree with you that the title is really ridiculous.

  7. Sorry about your friends mom.
    I reserved the book at the library but haven't received it yet. I was hoping to read it in time to link up. I think your comment is funny though that the book reads in so many different ways - memoir, comedy, advice, tips. It sounds like a description of my blog 🤓
    We miss you about these parts when you're not blogging Kay. Hope you're back to stay!

  8. Oh, so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. Awful news to start the new year. I hope the rest of 2016 is better for you and your loved ones


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