February 08, 2016

The 6 Best things about Trinidad Carnival!

It's Monday guys and I have today and tomorrow off work for Carnival! As many of you know I'm proudly from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and we have one of the biggest, if not the biggest Carnival in the world (google the word Carnival - just do it). It draws celebs from all over and the entire country shuts down for two days.

I wasn't going to post today since its Carnival Monday here, but as I sat over the weekend thinking about what to post this week, I realized I couldn't let the week pass by without shouting it out for Carnival.

I'll be short and sweet today ...

Trinidad Carnival

February 07, 2016

Around the Web: Vol #1

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. One of my favourite things to do, beside reading blogs of course, is just randomly browsing the web whenever I get the chance i.e before work, on an evening after work and even during my lunch hour. The hate part? Where the heck does the time go? I can literally spend hours just internet-ing (not a word). Naturally, I've decided to start documenting my favourite things from around the web. This probably wont be every week but I'll try to keep up with it!

These posts may not be for everyone, and as Sunday posts go they may not get much attention. Honestly, who has time to click through all the thing I liked all week?! Still, I really think I'd enjoy looking back at the things I browsed or that caught my attention over the year.

So here goes ...

around the web
February 04, 2016

What's new with me?

These months are completely flying by!! Its the 4th of freaking February already!

Its my first week back on the blog in forever and I almost gave up on posting for the rest of the week. Almost. Why? Because Bronchitis sucks. Its sucks major lollipops - but more on that later. Sick or not though, I couldn't miss the first edition of my girl Kristen's super cute linky party!

So what is new with me? Lots and "not lots" I guess. I figured since Kristen and Gretchen took the time to create such an awesome concept, I might as well take the opportunity to write a post rambling about what I've been up since I last disappeared. 

February 02, 2016

Literary Ladies Book Review: Secret Sisters

Happy Tuesday guys!! Two posts in a row around these parts deserves an emoji clap. At least. I'll wait. Nothing?

Ok ... Its the first Tuesday of the month though, and that means its the Literary Ladies Book Club Day! 

Secret Sisters Review
February 01, 2016

About me ... Lets try this again!

Happy Monday guys. Its February.  

Since there are some new faces around these parts, I thought that I'd share some random tidbits about me ... again. I've also heard from the blog Gods that an "about me" post is a really good segue into posting again after an unofficial really really long bloggy break. Sidenote: If you want to know what I was up to when I was gone just let me know and I'll do a post about it ...

I got these questions from a post that Briane did many months ago and I'm just getting around to answering them. If you've been around this blog long enough you know that I love these question / answer type blogs anyway so here goes ....