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February 01, 2016

About me ... Lets try this again!

Happy Monday guys. Its February.  

Since there are some new faces around these parts, I thought that I'd share some random tidbits about me ... again. I've also heard from the blog Gods that an "about me" post is a really good segue into posting again after an unofficial really really long bloggy break. Sidenote: If you want to know what I was up to when I was gone just let me know and I'll do a post about it ...

I got these questions from a post that Briane did many months ago and I'm just getting around to answering them. If you've been around this blog long enough you know that I love these question / answer type blogs anyway so here goes ....

Favourite Food:
I mentioned in this post and quite possibly in several others, that I don't have a favourite food really. There are things I can eat regularly, like Italian food / pasta, sushi (yummers) and I can't resist a good home cooked meal, but a fave?  I'm not sure. Sushi maybe. But again there's nothing that I feel I have to eat. Dessert though - cheesecake every single time.

Flip Flops or High Heels:
Both. I'm short - I wear high heels to work every single day and it doesn't bother me, in fact I feel under-dressed without them for work... but as soon as work ends, my tolerance for heels vanishes and I need flip flops. So yeah ...

Favourite Places to Shop:
Online. I'm not the best in store shopper. And besides, Caribbean shopping can get pretty expensive yo.

Standard Coffee Order:
I've said time and again that I don't drink milk. If I'm making my coffee or ordering it, I'll order black then add half a teaspoon (or one packet) sugar and a dash (literally a dash) of creamer. It has to be very dark brown and not very sweet for me to even take a sip.

Road Trip must have snack:
Lets be honest, I live on an island ... a road trip here is max 3 hours and that's a rarity... and in that case we stop along the way. If I had to say something?
... Ok I got nothing.

DIY or Hire it Out:
I DIY nothing. I also regret nothing.

Top Five TV Shows:
1. Scandal
2. Suits
3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or anywhere)
4. House Hunters (or anything on HGTV)
5. Family Feud (yes on GSN)

Favourite Book:
Can't name one - I legitimately cannot pin point a book and say this is my favourite ever without feeling like I'm cheating on several other books.

Favourite Form of Exercise:
Well it used to be running and yoga ... and I'm sure it still will be when I actually start to exercise again. o.O 
These days:

How tall are you?:
Oh do you mean how short are you? Because that's the question I get most often. I'm 4'11 - oh and I round up.

Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to favourites?:
I'm generally a creature of habit. I am not afraid to try new stuff but when I like something, I like it and ill repeat it.

One make up item you can't live without?:
If I had to choose one, I would say eyeliner. Without eyeliner I look like I've been crying. I could just wear eyeliner and be ok. Mascara - a close second.

What's on your nightstand?:
A bunch of ish that shouldn't be there - a candle; 4, yes 4 Bath and Body works creams; a bottle of cocoa butter lotion; needle and thread; a scissors (wtf); a motivational book; my head scarf; my AC remote; my Olay face wipes; two watches (I tend to take my watches off before I lay down); a bottle of nail polish ... there's more but at this point I'm embarrassed ... and probably should have lied my way through this question.

Music that reminds you of High School?:
Destiny's Child, Backstreet Boys and NSync, Coldplay, Evanescence ... I swear I'm not that old but that was early High School for me. Later High School music seems a blur for some reason.

If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city where would you live?:
NYC, Sydney or London ... in that order. Ok maybe Sydney First.

Tell us something about you we may not know:
I cant wait to one day be someone's mama. Also I'm sometimes really sensitive. Sometimes.

Websites you read/browse:
I read tons of websites / blogs daily. News sites, law related sites .... you name it I read it. And FYI, I really don't discriminate on websites either - In fact, I'm low key ratchet. Why would I call myself ratchet? Well I read TMZ on the daily and follow the Shaderoom on Instagram. *shrugs*

Morning person / night owl:
Night. Owl.

Favourite / least favourite chore?:
I love love love doing laundry - it calms me! On the other hand, and this is no joke - cleaning the kitchen absolutely stresses me out. I HATE doing dishes.

Whats your best feature?:
My brain and my eyes ... and maybe lips.

*** I know I tried to come back to the blog before, but this time feels real. I think I'm back. I missed it and you guys. 

Have a great week guys!!

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  1. Some of my favorite shows too - I mean anything on Bravo is a winner!! Glad to see you in my bloglovin feed this morning! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love it! I am definitely also a night owl! 100%. I love you HS music picks! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. i dont really wear makeup but when i do, i always use my concealer because ain't nobody got time to look like a corpse!

  4. I am going to look up shaderoom right now. And eyeliner for the win, I look like I'm 12 without it... not in a good way.

  5. Welcome back, Kay. I truly truly missed you. I think I might have commented on your last post a couple times just cause I missed the communication. And at least a couple times a week, I would check your page just in case you wrote something and I'd missed it.
    I hope you enjoyed your time off and I'd love to hear what you were up to.

    1. I missed you too lady! I swear Im back this time. I think I had to actually miss it to get the nudge to come back full time.

      If it makes you feel any better I have posts lined up for most of this week so at the very least I will be around this week hehe!

  6. Welcome back girlie! I missed reading your posts! Keep us posted on what you been up to the last couple months. Playing Carnival this year?

  7. If you do my laundry I'll totally do your dishes!

  8. Sydney first - woot woot! For your best feature, I LOVE that you answer your brain first! And that "diddley squats" meme is too funny :)

  9. Diddly squats!!! I DIE!!!!!!!! Well, hello there friend! I would love to hear what you have been up to while you've been gone! Scandal and House Hunters are on my list of favorites shows too! And we were clearly in HS at the same time because that is what I remember too!! I am going to go dream about sushi now ok? Glad to see you around :)

  10. What kind of freak of nature LOVES doing laundry? I don't know if we can be friends anymore... lol

  11. Oh my, I hate doing laundry!! I totally love House Hunters, I could watch that show for hours.

  12. welcome back girl, missed your face. and yay sydney <3 i lol'd so hard at 'i diy nothing. i regret nothing' girl preach!

  13. I'm so glad you're back! I feel you on not being able to choose a favorite book - that is like impossible! And now I want to listen to some BSB and Nsync ;)

  14. Yeah, there's really no question that 4'11" is officially short. At 5'5", I sometimes feels short, because my sisters are closer to 5'8" and most of my cousins even taller. But when I'm outside of my family I'm very normal. :)

  15. glad you're back! love the little survey about you. i don't mind laundry, it's putting it away that's awful!!

  16. Ahh how did I miss this?! Welcome back! I don't have a favorite food either. I love a lot of different foods all equally! Laundry I can do, but the kitchen is a no for me too. The thing I hate most is emptying the dishwasher...it's so bad, I will let dishes pile up in the sink instead of just emptying the dishwasher and putting the dirty dishes in there :/

  17. Welcome back!! My kitchen sink is oddly tiny and I HATE doing the dishes in it because of that. It just makes a mess. I don't really like laundry all that much either because the machines in my building are coin-operated and just not all that good. I LOVE vacuuming though :)

  18. I'm not that much taller than you at 5'1" so I wear heels almost every day too. And yeah, road trips only last about an hour on Guam, so there's really no need for a snack either.

    Glad you're posting again! I've been MIA for a hot minute too so now I'm trying to catch up with all my blog reading!


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