May 24, 2016

My Bloggy friend wrote a book - and she can write!

Hi guys!

One thing I have always loved about blogging and reading other bloggers was the fact that we are all so creative in our own ways. So many of my blogger friends have written books or they are in the process of writing them (myself included). 

Enter my friend Karen who blogs over at RunWright. She just recently published her book of short stories entitled It's Complicated.

karen wright its complicated

May 18, 2016

Natural Anti-aging skin care solutions

Hi guys!!

I was recently contacted to do a post on natural anti-aging skin care solutions. I don't know about you guys but I jumped right on it because firstly, I wanted to get the solutions myself and secondly, its something I really wanted to share. I wouldn't post something I didn't actually think would be helpful. And really ... who wouldn't want to find natural ways to look younger?

** This is an affiliate post written by Jacosta Hill

natural skin care solutions
May 11, 2016

Lately ...

Well I'm a dummy! I thought my girl Kristen's 'what's new with you' linkup happened tomorrow instead of last Thursday - so I missed it. I planned to link up of course so although it's confessions day, let's just pretend it's last Thursday ;)

That paragraph was a doozy ... 

My point is - better late than never. Always great to have a 'lately' post right? I'm nosy so I love them! 

life lately

May 03, 2016

Book Review: The love that split the world

I've actually wanted to read The love that split the world since it came out earlier this year. It's not my typical read but something drew me to the synopsis.

So when Kari and Kris recommended it as the book for this month I was game. Here are my thoughts:

the love that split the world