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May 11, 2016

Lately ...

Well I'm a dummy! I thought my girl Kristen's 'what's new with you' linkup happened tomorrow instead of last Thursday - so I missed it. I planned to link up of course so although it's confessions day, let's just pretend it's last Thursday ;)

That paragraph was a doozy ... 

My point is - better late than never. Always great to have a 'lately' post right? I'm nosy so I love them! 

life lately

1. Parents anniversary - my parents celebrated their anniversary last week (on the 6th) and on Sunday we went to breakfast. It was yummy and amazing ...

breakfast plate

2. I got asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my bffs friends wedding. Next April 22nd is the day and I cant wait to stand up with my girl on that day!

asking your bridesmaid

3. My coffee obsession is getting stronger with age. I'm so serious ... Two large cups of pure caffeine are the least I need to get through my day.

4. Kinda sorta almost completed a children's book (on a whim). We'll leave that there ;)

5. Still loving me some OC ... and when he cooks for me - even though I think he's low-key trying to get me fat(ter) with all these carbs, like this breakfast ...

breakfast plate

Basically, I updated you on all the food I ate in the last month. Great.

That's all for today. I'm off to read what everyone else is up to! 

Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. Do you have a require all of your friends to be beautiful? I swear when you post pics of you and your friends, you are all stunning! Don't worry about your link-up snafu. I planned to link for a Wanderlust Wednesday post. The link up is this week, but I posted last week. Oops. It happens.

  2. Those meals are making me drool! And I laughed so hard at that pee on you card! I'm nosy too so I love lately posts!

  3. I love that I may pee on you card! That's hilarious & such a fun way to ask you.

  4. hehe that's so funny! When KC cooks he does the same thing. It's always good but I'm like... goodness... can we put a salad in there somewhere?!?! LOL Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Yum, always good to have a man that cooks! I LOVE that bridesmaid card-so hilarious!

  6. Oh gawd, the food looks so delicious. Love those cards your friend gave out to ask her bridesmaids. Hilarious. Congrats on the children's book! I want to hear more!


  7. Ohhh he cooks breakfast?? Keeper!!! That looks delicious! And so does the breakfast with our parents. I am laughing at the pee on you box! Too clever! Umm you cant tell us you wrote a children's book and then give no details!!!!

  8. What a cute bridesmaid card and your friend is gorgeous! Corn beef for breakfast reminds me of my dad cause that's the only thing he knows how to make and now I'm craving some! lol

  9. That card is awesome! And yes, at least two large cups of coffee for me every day too!!

  10. I love funny cards too.
    And that breakfast… well, if he wasn't confirmed before, I think this does it :-)
    FYI: You're on the list of some of my top blogs, Kay. See the post here: https://runwright.net/2016/05/10/10-non-healthy-blogs/
    I hope you have a great day.

  11. Hiiiii!!! Haha, last Thursday it is; does that mean I get to leave work and be on vacation again!? Sigh. A children's book??? Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, lady! Cheers to your parents anniversary :)

  12. nothing wrong with all them carbs! yum. congrats on the book, i'll buy it when it's published! and happy belated anniversary to your parents, sorry i am so behind on blog reading!

  13. gimme all those carbs, girl!! hope you are doing well!!


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