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June 07, 2016

Literary Ladies Book Club: Exposure to a Billionaire

Happy Tuesday guys! 

It's Book Club Day - the day we review our book of the month. Welp, turns out I never received my book so I don't have any review for today. So, Instead Ill just go ahead and let you guys link up with my fellow lovely ladies (Kristen and Kari) over on their pages.

I promise if or when I receive it, Ill post my review.

Exposure to a Billionaire

If you read the book and would still like to link up, feel free to do so below:
PS: Its the last Literary Ladies Book Club Day for a bit. It's not goodbye, but its just see you later. At least until Fall when we release our new Fall Reading Challenge!!!

We are excited about the future but we all need a break for Summer right? Stay Tuned!!!

Have a great Tuesday guys!!

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  1. Oh that sucks you never received the book however most of the reviews I've rad haven't been too marvelous.

  2. i'm sorry you didn't get the book! that is so weird.

  3. Ummmm wtf why didn't you get your book??? Kari never got hers either, I had to mail it to her. I texted Kristen when I mailed it off telling Kari that "disappointment is on it's way." Hahahaha Honestly...you aren't missing much!

  4. Bummer you didn't get the book, though I will say you didn't miss out. ;) Haha.

  5. You know I'm up for a reading challenge! I just started 2 summer reading challenges so a Fall one will be right in time :-)

  6. Such a bummer you didn't get the book!


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