July 31, 2017

Planning for a trip to a new Country

travel tips

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Today marks the first day of  some much needed time off for me. I actually haven't taken any real time off from work in a year. I need it. Even more exciting, on Thursday I'll be heading to Guyana for a few days to meet up with Danny. 

I've never been to Guyana and had no real plans to ever visit before a few weeks ago. I also don't know anyone (currently) living there. That means that its not just a new country (and continent - South America) for me to visit but I'll have no one acting as tour guide. It's kinda like my trip to India a few years back, where I knew no one and created so many tragically comical (and some great) memories, except, its not nearly as far away (its a one hour and ten minute flight from here) and ill be able to speak the language ha!

July 26, 2017

Recipe ~ Sausage and Spinach Egg Muffins

gluten free breakfast

I swear I'm not becoming a food blogger. I've just been motivated to cook a lot lately (read: my fat butt needs to lose weight and cooking my own food is the only way to prevent me from eating junk).

Anyway, I typically drink a protein shake in the morning for breakfast, but let me tell you, that gets old fast. I made these yummy sausage and spinach egg muffins this weekend so I could have an easy (and healthy) breakfast as an alternative to the drag of daily protein shakes. They turned out so good, I just had to post. The recipe couldn't be easier. Im serious. It takes 30 minutes to prep and cook.
July 25, 2017

Caribbean Life ~ Maracas Beach Day

A couple weekends back I went to the Maracas beach - the nicest beach in my island - and took some photos that I just had to share. It's a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains. The coastline is long and on any given weekend, the entire stretch of the beach is filled with people, energy and ... life.

Living in the Caribbean, you would think I go to the beach often, well, to be honest thats not exactly the case. Or it wasn't the case anyway. First of all, this beach is a forty-five minute drive (give or take) from my home. Secondly, I was just not much of a beach person. And so for many years, months and months would go by before I even saw the beach. 

Recently, I've been going a lot more. Truthfully, we can chalk that up to the fact that my Romanian boyfriend, being not from the Caribbean, is still fascinated by beach life (... and is ridiculously tanned/burnt as a result).

July 21, 2017

How I set up my Kikki K Planner

kikki k planner

It's been a while since I've posted a planner setup on the blog, and I may be seven months late in posting this one, but, here it is. This is the planner that I've been using since the beginning of the year. It's no secret that I love organisation and planning and keeping things together. I also love pretty things and so, even though Im an attorney, I carry a bright pink planner around with me. #noshame

Full disclosure, I took these photos in the last week of December and fully intended to post them in January. Clearly that didn't happen. But since not much has changed in my planner and I use it every single day, I figured I could still post it. 

I've experimented with different planners in the past, like the Erin Condren life planner, but found that I'm way more comfortable (at least right now) with a ring bound planner that I could set up just the way I want - I use every single section that you will see below. Sidenote: The planner that I currently use is the Kikki K medium pink lavender planner. It was bought in December and is no longer available but there are several other options available on their site. I also own a black Kikki K and used that for much of last year. Anyway check out how I set this baby up. Lengthy post ahead....
July 19, 2017

On Finding Motivation

So, Im writing this post at way too late o'clock at night. By that I mean, by the time I hit publish, it will be a new day. But having just completed all the tasks that I had set out for the day - and the week thus far for that matter - I just had to sit and get my thoughts out, because its a good feeling to finally be able get stuff done again.

For the last couple weeks (or months - who's counting), I seemed to have lost my motivation mojo. Literally, the little motivating angel on my shoulder took a plane and went on a dang vacation. I may have bought his ticket too. I'm usually fairly (read: really) organised with my time, and I guess I still was, but I just didn't have the motivation or drive to do the 'extra'. Work was fine, love life - fine, family time - fine, the cat - way more than fine, but things like gym, eating healthy, cooking, meal prepping, keeping up with cleaning, reading, well they kinda just stopped. Guys, when I don't work out and don't have motivation to exercise and eat well, my mood takes a deep sea dive. 
July 17, 2017

Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol 2

I used to be one of those people who sat home and did nothing on the weekend, by choice, and now I find myself having too much to do. Seasons of life I guess. This weekend was busy, but not in a non-relaxing way - none of the things I did took too much energy out of me, it was just a lot of things packed in. As weekends go though, it was a good one. 

Here are some snapshots:

Friday after work Sushi
One of my bffs Nads and I grabbed sushi on Friday at a place we never tried. Guys, it was sooo good. I've always loved sushi but this was ridiculous - the best tasting sushi ever. They tasted as good as they looked. I posted a photo on my Instagram on Friday too. Sidenote - I just started using my blog's Instagram. Would love if you'd follow it :)

the best sushi
July 14, 2017

Friday Favourites

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I actually can't believe its Friday already. This week flew by. It was an up and down week if I'm honest. The bf left on Wednesday for a work trip - he'll be gone for a few weeks and I can't say I'm too happy about it. I was already anticipating him leaving so while sad, I was ok, but then in the first half of this week, my mum's sister from NYC passed away (she'd been ailing for some time). Bummer. My mum left for NYC last night for the funeral and while I truly believe my aunt is in a better place, and not in any more pain - thats still just a lot of 'leavings' for one week. 

In spite of all of that, there was some good, so lets get to it.

July 12, 2017

10 Podcasts I'm Currently Obsessed With

So, I'm currently obsessed with Podcasts, and listen to them all the time. All the time. My commute to work in traffic is 1.5 hours both ways (yes I spend half my life in traffic on a tiny Caribbean island - the irony is not lost on me). I also listen at the gym, when running (even though I haven't run in some time), when cleaning, at the beach and sometimes even in my office with the door closed. Soooo, I thought I'd share some of my favourite podcasts, in all the genres and hopefully you find some good recommendations in here. Let's be honest though, these are by no means all the podcasts I have or currently do listen to - its obsessive over here, but these are some of my faves.
July 10, 2017

Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol 1.

So, I've decided to start to share my weekend mainly in photos - few words. I was never any good at writing weekend posts, but sharing photos? Well, thats easier since I love them and I'm really trying to work on my photography skills, which I only get to do on the weekend (lets just ignore the fact that most of these pics are taken with my iPhone). An uptake of these posts (for me)? Ill actually remember what I did on weekends - seriously ask me what i did last weekend and I couldn't tell you. I'll say this though, since 'writing' this post, I realised that my weekends consist of lots of food - lots.  Heads up - this weekend I did a lot so post is photo heavy (understatement).
Friday night's outdoor wine, Sushi and Teriyaki grill dinner:

July 06, 2017

Coffee Chats ~ Vol 1.

coffee photo

It's no secret that coffee is my love language - ask anyone around me. In my absence, I noticed these posts all over blogland (See: AmberAlyssa and Olya), and I thought I could borrow the idea as an easy way to update on life's happenings. I hope that's ok. Linking up with Kristen and Gretch.

If we were having coffee I'd first tell you well, how I like my coffee. I like it black, one sugar, no milk. When I'm feeling for a coffee treat, I 'll have a Starbucks frappe - whatever kind I feel for on that day. But since I'm not a milk drinker by nature, thats a 3 times a year kinda deal. So today, its black for me. How do you have yours? I don't judge, we'll order whatever you like.

July 03, 2017

Recipe ~ Baked Bacon & Cheese Hot Dogs

Hi guys, my weekend was pretty amazing and wild (see - stayed out till 4 am on Friday night :/), and as such weekends go, I barely took any photos.

Well, except for these hot dogs I made yesterday ... one of the highlights of my weekend.

Lets go back a bit. Last week I made some amazing bacon and cheese 'hot-dogs' and decided to re-create them yesterday, except this time I whipped out the fancy cam and took photos since they were too yummy not to share. In the past when I've posted recipes, I waxed poetic about the fact that I don't always look at recipes of cook books and kinda just wing it. The same rings true to this recipe. It was created out of hunger, but is absolutely delicious. As its the 4th July weekend in the U.S. I thought I'd share it with the blog. Doesn't that look yummy?

hot dog recipe