August 24, 2017

Off to ...


Saturday is my birthday, and today i'm heading off to spend the entire weekend at one of my favourite places on the entire planet - Barbados. I lived in Barbados for two years in my early twenties and it truly is my second home. I try my very best to visit every year. I am absolutely enamoured with the country, everything about it. Its my dream to own a vacation home there at some point but, for now, yearly visits will do.
August 23, 2017

10 Places to see and visit in Guyana

And we're back to recapping my Guyana trip. In my last Guyana post, I shared my thoughts about the trip in a very general way. This time, I thought I'd show some specific sites that I visited on the trip.

I'll warn you now, this post is incredibly long and photo heavy, but I didn't want to leave anything out and it just didn't feel right to split up the post. The reason? While in Guyana, I googled "things to do in Guyana"and drew several blanks. I relied on Tripadviser for recommendations. No bueno. I decided then and there to post about what I thought a tourist might enjoy seeing in Guyana. So here are ten places to see and visit in Guyana:

General Sites
1. Pandama Retreat and Winery
I raved about this place in my last post and I'm still raving about it today. When I talk about my trip to Guyana with my friends, this is the place that stands out the most and this is where I recommend everyone goes. Don't be fooled, its not your typical winery or retreat though. Its a natural living place where food is served in calabash bowls, the wine is made from Caribbean fruit and the accommodation? Tree houses!! We didn't stay there but the next time I go, I most certainly will. Click the name above to visit their site.

Panama retreat and winery
August 22, 2017

How I maintain my clear skin

tips for skincare

I've said it before and will say it again, I love my skin and take good care of it. I've never had any acne issues and don't particularly have problematic skin, but I do know that some part of that is attributed to my skin care habits, since when they lapse, and I'm human so from time to time they do, my skin shows it. 

Since I crossed the 3-0 mark in age a couple years ago, I've become that much more obsessed with taking care of my skin. I've been blessed with good genes (my parents both have great skin) but I still do what I can to fight off the aging process or at least delay the inevitable. So far so good.

I thought I'd share what I do to maintain my clear skin:

August 15, 2017

My trip to Guyana

Oh Guyana, What an adventure.

As I already said in this post, I was a little skeptical about visiting Guyana. It was never on my list of places to go and having heard some not so pleasant things from people who visited over the years, I just didn't feel it. In fact, had it not been for Danny being there for work, I probably would never have seen it. But I'm so so glad that I went, and would even recommend that people visit, if they have an open mind about the world around them, and know that no two lands are the same.

A little backstory about Guyana. It's the only English speaking country in South America but is also a part of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). So technically its considered to be both in South America and the Caribbean. While its a large country (by Caribbean standards), only a small portion of it is developed and inhabited i.e lots of forestry to go around. Still, its a country rich in resources (gold and oil mainly) even though a large portion of its population live below the poverty line.

August 11, 2017

Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 2

If we were having coffee, I'd probably order a really strong one since its my first day back out to work in two weeks. I'd tell you that those two weeks off from work were glorious, a well needed rest as it was the first real vacation I've taken in two years. Last year, I only took 5 days off work and my brain was just about burnt out. This little break was welcome and enjoyed. Vacations are good for your mental health people. Take them.

I'd tell you that one of my favourite perks of this vacation was having time for people I love. Yesterday I ran errands and had lunch with my mum for the first time in a long time, and its these little things that make my heart smile. I mean, day drinking wine and having dessert with lunch should be mandatory for vacation days no? Just look at this deliciousness:

August 03, 2017

Off to ...


Like I said in this post,  I've never been to Guyana, or South America in fact. I'm excited to be heading there for the next few days even though I have no itinerary and can't seem to find a website that can point me to many things to do...
August 01, 2017

Currently Loving ~ Drugstore Beauty Favourites

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So, in the last year or so my makeup and beauty collection has grown. I jumped on the makeup train later than most so my makeup collection is still not massive by any stretch of the imagination (and likely never will be), but it has grown. I tend to mix up higher end brands with drugstore brands because well, sometimes they do the same job and why pay more when I can get the same thing for less. Anyway, I have quite a few drugstore beauty items that are now staples for me.

In the non-makeup department, I also have a few drugstore items I've been loving lately. Sharing my favourites today (all items shown below):