September 20, 2017

15 of my favourite cheap date ideas

cheap date ideas

Photo Cred: Lucie Capkova

My weekend was pretty uneventful as weekends go. Apart from a quick Starbucks run Saturday night (where I didn't even drink coffee), it was spent fixing house and chilling with the parents. Normal, fun, heart filling, but nothing to review really. And my week so far? One word - busy, and not in a bad way, just a busy way.

Anyway, I love date night. Danny and I have made it a priority to go on dates as often as possible. Now that the cat's out the bag, I can confirm that we are planning a wedding and I'm quick learning that the rumours are true, those things aren't cheap. That means, date night is not fine dining every weekend anymore (was it ever? I like being cheap thank you). Anyway, basically, we've been dating on a budget and we try to find fun dates to do each week that are well, cheap. Here are some of our favourites:

September 15, 2017

Friday Favourites - Recent Home Buys

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First off, thanks for all the love on my last post. Seriously gave me all the feels. Its a happy time in my life and I'm trying to cherish it all. On to today's post.

That photo up there is not my living room, but I feel like its giving off the same vibe as my apartment. From the moment we found this place, I went shopping, and by shopping I mean, I went on Amazon. I'll admit, it was kind of intimidating going from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom with more than twice the square footage, and the consequence was me manically adding all the things to my cart. Some of those paid off big time though. Here are some of the favourite things I bought for the new place. All reasonably priced too because #wedding.
September 13, 2017

First comes love

Then comes a new last name...

September 11, 2017

Moving sucks and other life updates

The last time I checked in, I was on my way to Barbados for an epic birthday weekend. I think we can all agree from the above photo that a weekend in paradise is simply the best kind of weekend. It was an awesome trip and I have so much to tell you about it. Barbados updates coming in force. PS, have I mentioned that I love Barbados. 

I'll be honest, its hard for me to look at that photo without thinking about how quickly paradise can be destroyed. While Barbados, my island and many other more southern Caribbean islands were spared from the wrath of Irma, many of our brothers and sister up the isles have been affected, with very little (international) news coverage of just how bad the destruction really was. It honestly pains me. Caribbean people are resilient though, and we shall rebuild.