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September 20, 2017

15 of my favourite cheap date ideas

cheap date ideas

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My weekend was pretty uneventful as weekends go. Apart from a quick Starbucks run Saturday night (where I didn't even drink coffee), it was spent fixing house and chilling with the parents. Normal, fun, heart filling, but nothing to review really. And my week so far? One word - busy, and not in a bad way, just a busy way.

Anyway, I love date night. Danny and I have made it a priority to go on dates as often as possible. Now that the cat's out the bag, I can confirm that we are planning a wedding and I'm quick learning that the rumours are true, those things aren't cheap. That means, date night is not fine dining every weekend anymore (was it ever? I like being cheap thank you). Anyway, basically, we've been dating on a budget and we try to find fun dates to do each week that are well, cheap. Here are some of our favourites:

cheap date ideas

1. Road Trip - I mean I live in a small country so the term 'road trip' here is used rather loosely. That said, we do like to take long drives to places on the island that we rarely visit.

2. Day at the Beach - Self-explanatory. Since meeting Danny over a year ago, I've spent most Sundays at the beach - in fact, this past year I've been to the beach more than I've ever been in one year.

3. Drinks out (dinner home first ;)) - This seems typical right? But if you eat home and then head out for drinks, it saves so much money.

4. Street Food for dinner - Most Sunday evenings, Danny and I go look for a drive to find some nice street food. It could be burgers, hot dogs, corn soup (a Caribbean thing), doubles (also Caribbean) or whatever's good and available ... and cheap.

5. Free concerts - So recently we discovered that once a month, in the plaza where our favourite cinema is located, there's a free concert with upcoming musicians. Boom. Free date.

6. Movies - Typical reasonable date. Bonus points if you could sneak snacks in too - I shamelessly do it. No regrets.

7. Going for walks / runs - I'll be honest, I can't work out with Danny, that Romanian has way more energy than I do, but we do go for some low pace runs and walks together and I count them as dates.

8. Sunset nights - This is typically combined with a long drive or the beach, but sometimes we venture out solely to see the sunset. Its always perfect.

9. Picnics - We haven't done this yet, well not in its strictest form (we've 'picnicked' on the beach) but we plan to try it soon at a park.

10. Drinks at a friends house - I mean, does it get better than this. All my friends love Danny and nothing beats heading over to one of our couple friends' homes for drinks and maybe a game or two. Mostly drinks.

11. Friends over for drinks - Same as above ... but in reverse.

12. Coffee date - I love coffee. I know - broken record party of one. Danny isn't too much of a fan, but he indulges me, even at night.

13. Breakfast dates - So this is a recent fave. Have you ever noticed how much cheaper breakfast is than dinner? Sometimes we head out on a Saturday or Sunday morn for an all you can eat breakfast at a local hotel (typically Hilton or Hyatt) and its the best.

14. Bike rides - Ok we haven't done this. But we've priced bikes and plan to buy a couple soon. Now, this date idea will only be a regular IF I don't fall and break my tail on the first try. I haven't ridden a bike since maybe I was a preteen and I'm notoriously calamity Jane's step-sister. The European dude though? Second nature.

15. Movie nights at home - Probably my favourite at home date night, as I've said before is wine and pizza. Speaking of wine, sometimes I like to switch up the snack I have with it. For a casual night at home, I like to have my favorite glass of wine paired with white cheddar popcornIf you ask me, a wine and popcorn movie night, might be my favorite kind of cheap date.

What does a 'cheap' date look like for you? I'd love to hear all the ideas... We love to try new things. Also, pray for me - that bike purchase is coming soon and I'm so sure its about to be a disaster over here.

Have a great Wednesday guys!

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  1. I love these ideas. Especially the breakfast one because I'm a sucker for breakfast haha.

  2. Love these different ideas... and tnt has the very best street food!!!

  3. Dinner at home then drinks out is something we do often! We often go over to our friends houses too which is always fun! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. John hates popcorn, like won't even let it in the house, isn't that sad? But we're definitely on board with drinks and pizza and movies :) Great ideas!

  5. Such great ideas! We're trying lately to make more effort to consider time spent together as "dates" rather than just "well we gotta eat and I didn't go grocery shopping so let's go grab a bite I guess?" My favorite days are the ones where it's just us walking through the city or a park, maybe stopping for a to-go coffee or snack and moseying.

  6. Breakfast dates are the best!! I also love white cheddar popcorn.. yum. ;) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. These are such fun ideas!! Chris and I need to make a point to "date each other" more.

  8. We love date days and nights too! Breweries and wineries are Favs but good ole Friday movie night and pizza is perfect.

  9. I loved doing picnics at the park in the US! Here...it's just always so insanely hot and sunny (or else downpouring rain, there are only two types of weather), that eating outdoors doesn't seem so appealing. And then there's the fact that if you bring food to a park monkeys will probably attack you and steal it. Grr. I miss my picnics! We should wander the beaches more often! I don't like swimming but I like walking around and climbing on rocks at the beach. We try to do a breakfast date every Friday morning...it's laughable how often other things get in the way and it doesn't happen...but we try to keep the tradition going! We can both get juice and a filling breakfast at our favorite local place for a total under $4 USD--I love that!

  10. These are great ideas! I especially like the idea of eating first and then getting a drink or two because otherwise you end up overspending on "snacks" at the pub because you're starving.

    1. Yep, when we don't eat first and drink out we ALWAYS spend way too much on snacks and food to compensate.

  11. Love it! I'm going to keep your idea list on hand for those moments when the mood strikes and I feel like my hubby and I need a spontaneous date! Thank you, Kay! :-) Ana @ www.iloveoldrecipes.com


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