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September 27, 2017

Things I Enjoy

I recognize that there are a few new faces around the blog recently and since I haven't done one of these in a while, I thought it might be nice to do a "about me" post and share some things about myself. P.S. kinda sorta borrowed the style of post from Steph (one of my favourite blog reads), in case it looks familiar.

Things I enjoy:
- Black Coffee

- A good book on a good day (I haven't done a 'books' post in some time (soon), but this English major turned lawyer will always be a reader)

- Traveling

- Potato chips and dip

- Cheesecake

- Sarcasm

- Satire in any form ...

- Writing (I still am writing and will probably finish my first novel by the time I'm 40. Little under a decade to go #setgoals #ha #iwillfinishthough)

- Sipping on my favourite drinks - Wine, scotch, Hennessy and sometimes vodka

- Laughing

- Danny and his jokes (kinda really like him)

- Listening to Podcasts (my current favourites here)

- Cooking (most days)

- My cat (check her out on Instagram - she's the cutest)

- My parents

- Being an attorney (on most days)

- Long car drives

- Decorating my apartment

- Trash TV (the trashier the better - my brain works hard enough during the day, with a couple exceptions, I don't need to sit watching anything stressful at home)

- Game of Thrones (An exception to the rule above)

- Chatting with my sister, nephew and niece who live in Australia

- Washing clothes (read: NOT folding and putting away clothes, just washing - it calms me)

- Fast cars

- Running (when I'm lighter than my current weight)

- Music

- My face (I mean, I only have one, might as well love it)

- The beach

- Sushi

There's a whole bunch more that I could add to that list, but when I think of true enjoyment, I think of these.

What do you enjoy? I'd love to hear!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. I love long drives! Especially by myself.

  2. I love your goal of finishing the novel! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. It's a good thing you like long drives in tnt these days with all the traffic... and look at you with writing a novel! And so good that you enjoy your job. That makes life just that much better

  4. i had REAL potato chip for the first time since 2012 on monday while at the beach. I'd forgotten how AMAZING they taste; not like the fake crap that i eat as an alternative lol

  5. Oh I too love long drives as long as there is no traffic. ahahah. Nothing like a good cup of coffee and a good book.

  6. Mmm black coffee, the best. haha English major turned lawyer. I feel like that's the only option for us!

  7. Mmmm I could go for some chips and dip right now!!!! And sushi. I love sushi! Can you tell I am hungry? I think it is awesome you have a goal set for your novel :)

  8. Beach, Sushi, reading...all on my top 10 list of faves!

    1. All three combined might make for the perfect day imo!!! :D

  9. The beach is my happy place, and yes to non-stressful tv for winding down after a long day. I love fluff shows for that reason <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Beach, Netflix, my Bed, Starbucks, Food, to name a few of my favorite things. LOL

    1. Ahh hoe could I not have put my bed - really one of the best places, even for this insomniac!

  11. Love that you’ve started a novel! That is amazing!! I also have a degree in English - and I hope to write a book one day myself!

  12. Thanks so much for this post. I'm struggling a little bit today, trying to get out of a slump, and listing things I enjoy is a great idea to lift my mood.
    I am so happy that Danny made your list :-)

    1. Aww Im so glad I could help. Sometimes listing things you're grateful for is exactly what you need.

      He sure did make the list :D

  13. Potato chips and dip! Especially french onion dip! Also, very good strategy to like your own face. Practical.

  14. I always love these posts- so fun to get to know you better! I'm a trashy TV girl myself :)

  15. lol @ your face. and um potato chips and dip ALL DAY EVERY DAY GIRL. yum


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