October 10, 2017

Reading lately

I've been on a reading kick for the past few months, but I'm so bad at logging my reads as I should. My goodreads page is basically a deadzone and in no way reflects my reading status. That said, this particular month I didn't read that much, and honestly, Im not even sure the ones I read are worth sharing, but Ive made the decision to share whatever I read from now on, so share I shall.

As you'll see, a lot of these books were lighter reads. My reading taste absolutely depends on my mood, always has. When I have a rough work month like the past month was for me, I tend to read lighter, happier, not-too-much-thought books since my very job involves lots of reading heavy legal material daily.

Anyway, this is what I read this past month.
October 05, 2017

Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 3 (Christmas in Europe edition)

If we were having coffee, I'd first tell you, I'm sorry that this coffee date, and our chat, will be short, but this week is a hectic one for me. Work and life are both busy and while I'm at my wits end, I'm also very content. Content in the busy-ness and business of life, if that's possible.

October 02, 2017

Weekend Snapshots ~ Vol. 3

Well, just like that, it's October.

This year man, its flying by. As weekends go, this one was pretty low key. I had tons of work to do so the other stuff kinda just filtered in around that. Still, I did take a few pictures for once so I thought I'd share them:
1. Lunching
Technically, this wasn't a weekend thing, unless you count Friday as the weekend. On Friday after a full morning and early afternoon in Court I stole away for a two hour 'lunch' with a co-worker and a former co-worker. We had wine. We ate. It was a good time. Last week was a rough work week, but its amazing how a little wine and a little weekend can make you forget the woes and recharge.