October 27, 2017

#CurrentlyLoving ~ October Favourites

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If you followed me on Twitter (you should), you'd know that for the last two weeks or so, I've been nursing the worst bronchial infection. I'm not even sure how it came about, all I know is that last week for the first time in my working life, I took two consecutive sick days. It was brutal. I'd say I'm about 90% good at the moment, aside from the fact that I sound like a pubescent boy. 

Anyway, today's post ... I've been loving quite a few items this past month and since I was not quite as active this month, I haven't gotten a chance to share them. Today's the day.

1. L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara - I've probably shared all of the L'oreal voluminous line at one point or another, but this one may be my favourite. Honestly, this is one of the best drugstore mascaras out there. Hands down. It's really long lasting and makes my lashes look so so long and thick. 

2. Gillette Venus Swirl Razor - I'm a waxer and not shaver, if I'm being honest. Recently though, I picked up this razor and its the closet shave I've ever had. Totally loving this one.

3. Origins GinZing Moisturizer - I mentioned this some time back, but I fully added this moisturiser to my skin care routine this month. Even with my combination skin, this is a winner. I love how this makes my skin feel. 

4. Michael Kors snap tote - I bought he black version of this bag as a gift for my mum's birthday earlier this week. I love MK's classic simple styles, so much so that I'm purchasing myself the monogrammed version.

5. Cardigans - I've always love Cardigans, even living in the land of perpetual summer. My two absolute favourites recently:  this simple black cardigan that I've been wearing on non-court less dressy work days with slacks and dressy tops, and this grey top/cardigan that I bought for my friends birthday celebration at the beginning of October. Both are reasonably priced and so so comfortable.

6. Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Ice Cream - I don't drink milk (like I've said 500 million times) so I've never been an ice-cream lover. But this, this is a game changer. Guys its basically heaven in a tub. If you see this ice cream anywhere, do yourself a favour and try it. 

7. Banrock Moscato - That's not an affiliate link or anything, just buy it if you can. Champagne taste, soda price tag. Danny and I drank two bottles of this this week....

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Have a great weekend guys!


  1. I love that Origins cream. I'm in need of a new razor too & am always buying one of the Gillette ones so I'll give that one a shot!

  2. VEnus razor is the best. i decided to go cheaper and get a different one because the Venus is SO EXPENSIVE but nope, not even close to the shave i get from the Venus so I'm going back once I used up my existing cartridges.

  3. Cute picks! Cardigans are a must for the office and I love the MK purse you purchased. Enjoy the weekend and feel better lady! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  4. I'm so sorry you've been so sick, but I'm glad you're finally starting to feel better! I have a sample of that moisturizer I keep forgetting to try, but I've always heard such good things about it. I can only imagine how good that ice cream tastes- I love just about anything with caramel!

  5. Oh no! Feel better soon!! I've been getting little colds... and I'm OVER it. I loove that sweater! It looks so so cozy! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. It is finally cooling down in FL so bring on all the sweaters!!! Love your picks.

  7. Glad you are feeling better. Bronchial infections are scary! I had a lingering cough for months before it finally went away so thank goodness you are on the mend. I'm in need of some cute cardigans for work...and just some fall/winter clothes in general. You've got me curious about that ice cream if you like it and don't even like milk!

  8. Oh feel better!!! That ice cream might help 😊

  9. You really made me want that ice cream now...
    How cute is that grey cardigan?! I want!

  10. Karamel Sutra ice cream does sound like it might be divine. I could add caramel to anything :-)
    Sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you're all better now.

  11. I love that top and MK is one of my favorite purse designers! So sorry you haven't been feeling well. That is the worst. Hope you are back to 100%!!!

  12. They grey cross front top is adorable! I'm so sorry you're not feeling good, wish I could bring you some chicken soup!

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