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November 27, 2017

Never have I ever

Photo cred: Pixaby

So the photo above has nothing to do with the post, but I saw it and loved it and since this is a photo-less post, I decided it was time to use it.

Anyway, I saw a Youtuber do a vlog entitled 'never have i ever' and loved the idea of turning into a blog (though Im sure its been done). Since nothing I did this weekend was post worthy, I thought today would be perfect for this post (well I mostly did wedding stuff this  so perhaps I should say its not yet post worthy ;) ).

Never have I ever:

1. Drank a milkshake - I don't drink milk (once every few month I get a frappe and drink like half but thats it). I can't imagine downing an entire glass of frothy flavoured milk topped with whipped cream. This my friends is my idea of a nightmare. Im almost gagging thinking of it.

2. Seen snow in real life - I've travelled to Europe during winter (see this post) but have never seen snow. I cannot wait for my trip this winter - since Romania has been snowing since like August (exaggeration - but snow in October was still pretty early to me), I am bound to see some on my vacay!

3. Climbed a tree - Im afraid of lizards and have been since I was a kid. There are big green lizards in trees (at least in my head) ... ergo - tree climbing was out of the question as a kid.

4. Gotten into a fight - I went to an all girls catholic primary school and an all girls catholic high school.  Fighting in either one meant immediate expulsion so that wasn't happening. Also, I just couldn't imaging being in a physical fight. My words can hurt worse than any hit anyway. 

5. Eaten pumpkin pie (at least I don't think) - This actually sparked this post after seeing so many thanksgiving poists. Its such a big thing in the US thats basically non-existent here. I have no concept of taste for a pumpkin pie actually, but it sure does look good. (We do have pumpkin frappes here at Starbucks during the thanksgiving season but see no. 1 - never had one).

6. Drank an entire beer - I've started many beers back in the day but unless it was beastly cold I just couldn't finish any. Now as I'm older, I can't even sip beer. I stick to the drinks I like.

7. Broken a bone - I had a scare last year where I thought I broke a toe, but it was a fracture. Other than that, nope. My sis in Australia has broken both her arms before. I can't even imagine.

8. Failed an exam - And I'm really thankful for this one.

I mean there's so many more things I can add to this list... but that's it for now.

Have you ever done any of these things? Let me know in the comments!

Also I hope everyone from the US had the best Thanksgiving holiday! I swear I had a food coma looking at all the Thanksgiving photos from my family and friends.

Have a great Monday guys!!

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  1. Love this!!! And I've never gotten into a fight either--- or failed an exam-- the rest on the other hand :-)

  2. I hope you get to see snow too! I've also never finished a beer - I just get too full from them LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. at my family dinners (on my dad's side - jamaican), they only bring cassava pudding so when i brought my friend to one of the dinners, she was looking for the pumpkin pie and my cousin's were all "girl you at the wrong party" lol.

    i have never had a pop tart, i literally just found out what a "hot pocket" was (ew gross). and you will get sick of snow in like 10 minutes, trust me hahahah

  4. I've never failed an exam either, but the rest I've done. Well... I haven't broken a bone by accident. I had foot surgery and they had to cut it and reset it with pins so technically a broken bone, in a cast and all, but it was on purpose? Does that count?

  5. I've never had beer. Maybe one sip of an apple "cider" beer... but yeah, never had a beer. Milkshakes aren't much like milk.. but you know what you like and don't like! Don't make yourself uncomfortable! Plus I'm always a fan of NOT trying new desserts/drinks..because... jeez calories. LOL! I don't need to love more sweets! :P Pumpkin pie is lovely though, to me. I think I would describe it as sort of tasting like a sweet potato but with nutmeg and cinnamon. Does that make sense? I dunno. I love it. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. This is a fun list! How exciting you will finally get to see snow!

  7. Never had a milkshake? Goodness. I get not liking milk though. I hate milk and dont drink it. But I love milkshakes! I love snow and hardly get to see it here in the south. Its so magical to me.

  8. Such a fun post! I've never broken a bone either *knocks on wood*, and girllll you're not missing much with never having seen snow. It gets really old really quick when living in a cold climate! Palm trees and sunshine are where it's at <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I don't like milk either but love a good milkshake when I have a sweet tooth craving! I've never broken a bone either and I hope it stays that way! Great idea for a post!

  10. What a fun topic! Love this. I can't believe the milkshake, I always think of it as more like soft serve ice cream.

  11. I've never done 4,6,7, or 8. "Did you ever get into any fights at school?" is one of Angel's favorite 'get to know you' questions but I definitely wouldn't be the type (Angel on the other hand...).

  12. Oh man. I'd die without milkshakes, it's my one weakness! I hate milk though, like hate, loathe and despise it. Won't even put it in my coffee. And I've never gotten into a fight either. No way. LOL! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  13. I love snow and I'm so excited that you are going to Romania and will see it. It's so lovely. I know alot of people hate it but I love it. I also love pumpkin pie!! It's so yummie.

  14. I did a list like this and it was so fun. No snow, oh I do hope you get to see it, I think you'll love it!

  15. I love this! I went to an all girls catholic high school and witnessed a fight in the cafeteria my first day, I was so scared! I hope you get some snow, I have not had much, but it is so fun!

  16. I did a post like this once. It was fun!

    I have done all of these except climb a tree. That always terrified me.

  17. I've never been in a physical fight either. My mom taught at my primary school and I went to a strict all-girls high school where that wouldn't have been tolerated so I learned to do battle with words.
    I used to climb trees as a kid - my fear of lizards came later. You could always learn to climb trees in a cold climate where there are no lizards around :-)

    1. haha but now my old bones wont heal if I fall! And yes I know about the strict all-girls schools!


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