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December 06, 2017

9 Essential Travel Apps

travel apps

If someone could pay me to travel, I'd do it as a job. I'm kidding, but only a little. Anyway, since I've traveled quite a bit in the past, and have been traveling even more lately (at the end of this year I would have been to four countries!!), I have become quite familiar with travel apps. Over time, I've narrowed down the best travel apps - or at least those that make my travels much easier.

I've used each and every one of these travel apps in the past and I'll be using them on my upcoming trip (I can't believe I leave in less than two weeks).  Let's get to it.

Essential travel apps

best apps for travel

Generally speaking, when you travel you need somewhere to stay, places to eat, ways to get around and if you're traveling out of the country you may need a way to convert currency and translate languages. These 9 travel apps address all of these things.
1. Booking.com
Just about everyone knows this app. You can book hotels and flights and even rent cars on this app. What I love about this app is the option to book and reserve rooms without immediate payment. Theres also a GPS function so you can find the nearest hotel to where you're going to be. I personally use this app to find cheaper hotels and actually booked my last trip to Barbados on booking.com.
2. Tripadvisor
Tripadvisor is honestly pretty similar to booking.com, but what I love about Tripadvisor are the reviews and candid guest photos (I may or may not also love the fact that Hotel owners / managers tend to jump on and defend their places). Its not only good for booking hotels, restaurants though, you can find tons of recommendations for activities and things to do on the app. In fact, while on our trip to Guyana, Danny and I had a day to explore and like I said in this post, we used Tripadvisor's recommendations to find things to do.
3. Hotel Tonight
So I really love this app. If you're a last minute traveler, you will likely love this app as well. If you use this app, you can not only find hotels available on a whim but you can get discounts on hotel rooms, even though you book late. Perfect. Danny and I actually haven't booked our hotel for the two nights we will be spending in Germany on the way back, and if we don't get our act together and book something soon, we'll likely be using this app to find a discounted hotel room at the last minute.
4. Airbnb
The Airbnb app is perfect if you prefer a bed and breakfast / non-hotel stay. We have been checking this out for options in Frankfurt (we spend two days there on the way back from Germany). It's also, in my opinion, a very user friendly app.
5. Google Translate
So I'll likely be using this app a lot in the upcoming weeks. It's very self-explanatory - its a translator. But one of the most underused features of this app is the scanner. The scanner is hands down the best feature!! The app gives you the ability to scan over words using your phone camera and you can read it translated on your phone. Its pretty cool. Download it just so you can see how that works!
6. XE currency converter
If you're like me, you like to know how much you're spending in your own currency. I always use this when I leave the country. While I typically can convert some currencies in my head, I have no concept of others. Take for instance the Romanian Leu, I don't know the conversion to US or TTD (my currency) so I'll be using the app to make sure I'm not overspending on things I can get home for cheaper.
7. Google maps
If you rent a car, you will probably need google maps to get around. I mean, I even use this home. Since most people know how to operate this app, there's not much to say here.
8. Uber
I'll be honest, for reasons I won't mention on the blog I don't particularly trust Uber as a company. That said, if you need a way to get around, this is a service available in many countries and so its probably the most reliable in terms of a quick and easy way to get from point A to B. 
9. Yelp
While I love this app, its last because it isn't available in many countries. Its mainly in major cities in the US and some European countries (don't even try to use Yelp in the Caribbean). Still, if it is available where you are traveling and you need good recommendations for restaurants etc, then its such a great travel app.

I have two bonus travel apps that aren't essential but that I personally love:

the best travel apps

Hopper - If you're looking for good deals on a flight this is the app that will help you find it. We love it.

Been - This is one of my favourite apps. You can log all the countries you have been to and the app will calculate how much of the world you have seen. If you're on a mission to see the world like I am, its such a cool app to have. Although Ive been to the a few states US, South America (Guyana), Europe (UK), India (Hyderabad and Mumbai), several Caribbean islands and Australia, according to Been, based on the places I have been, I've only seen 3% of the world!!! I'm hoping to improve on that in the coming years ;) .

Do you travel a lot? What apps do you use? Have you ever used these apps?

Have a great Wednesday guys!!

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  1. 5-9 I use on every trip as well. If I'm going on a trip in the US I also have opentable so I can quickly make reservations for places to eat! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This is awesome... some wonderful suggestions. Trip advisor is the absolute best! I also use the weather app a lot pre travel to know what to anticipate!

  3. If I either got paid to travel, or had enough money that I could quit my job & travel, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Those are all really great tips. I love me some Yelp ha.

  4. These all sound like great apps. I was aware of a few of them, but many are something I've never heard of like that been app. I love that you can see how much of the world you've seen. XE would have been helpful. I can usually convert pretty easily but that would be so helpful!

  5. All of these are great apps for travel! I love using Hotel Tonight for a last minute hotel, so many great deals! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Ohhh I want to download "Been" just to see my %! Doing that now.

  7. Oh these are great apps for traveling. I love XE, it came in so handy when I was in England. I do not use Uber, never have and never will. Oh and I'm totally adding google translate to my phone, I so wish I had that when I was in Paris.

  8. Great post! This is super helpful. I want to download Been! Fun!

  9. I like to use Yelp anywhere I travel too for sure, I will have to check out some of these other ones!

  10. So helpful and now I want Been.

    1. You should totally get it! Its such a great app for travel lovers

  11. I have used several of these, but there are some new ones to try on our next trip. Thanks for the info!

  12. Such great recommendations! I need to download some of these Apps. I think Whatsapp is worth mentioning for text messaging via wifi without racking up overseas roaming costs! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  13. Same girl, so wish someone paid me to travel haha!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  14. I use a lot of these but never thought about a currency converter app! how smart! I usually just google it, but it would be convenient to have it easily accessible! Thanks for the tip! - Bar

  15. I've got a lot of travelling planned for next year. I already use trip advisor but I have never heard of hotel tonight

  16. Great posted I have used most of them.I was intrigued to hear about the app Been. It sounds totally cool. I am going to check it out!

  17. Such a great list of apps! I've used most of these, but a couple of them are new to me! Been especially seems like a cool app!

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these helpful travel apps. This is a great list. However, I use a Windows phone (I know . . . I'm a rebel), and many of these apps aren't made for my phone. =) When I get an android or Apple phone, I will keep these in mind or I will have my hubby install them on his phone. Yay! Thanks.

  19. your info is quite helpful to forever.This article important and really good the for me is.Keep it up and thanks to the writer.



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