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December 01, 2017

Making the most of the weekend

weekend ideas

December 1st! I truly believe this year flew by. I swear it was just January. Anyway, its really starting to feel like Christmas now. I still haven't played any Christmas music and my apartment is not decorated (I travel in 2 weeks and won't be back until January so I'm not sure it will be), but I feel Christmas in the air.

You know what else I'm feeling? The weekend. I was having a chat with a friend this week and she mentioned that she had no clue what to do with this weekend and said that she was bored most weekends. #WUT 

This isn't the first time I've heard this comment (esp in my field of work where everyone thinks work should be 24/7) but I for one fully believe in weekends. Sure, I work some weekends, but lately my weekends have been for me to be the me I was before the career and adulting. There are so many ways to make the most of the weekend. I rattled off a bunch of options for her and the thought occurred to me - I should share this.

weekend ideas

* Sleep in - ... if you can. I always try to sleep in, but sometimes my internal clock wakes me up. On those days, I stay in bed and read or play on my phone for a bit. I'm not saying be lazy, I'm saying, its the weekend so let your body rest.

* Go outside - Take run, go on a hike, go to the beach, just get out the house.

* Hit up a bar / Go on a date - Single? Meet up with friends. Married or dating? Go on a date, and while you're at it ...

* Go to a place you've never been - Try a new bar or restaurant. See a new part of your city, town or island. I live on a tiny island and there are still tons of places I have never been! A couple months ago I went to a beach I had no clue even existed.

* Spend time with family - One of my personal favourites. Most weekends, I find some time to see or visit my parents. #lovethem

* Take a class - A couple of months ago for my friends bridal shower we all took a sip and paint class - it was so fun. Try a new class somewhere. Danny and I may start up a Saturday Latin dance class soon. Actually, he doesn't know yet, but he will if he reads this.

* Go shopping (or browsing) - Saturday is the day I do any shopping for things I need for myself or around the house. As much as this is cliche, it is quite relaxing if you don't look at it as an 'errand'. I personally enjoy that I get a day to actually go browsing for stuff - especially things for the house!

* Read a book - necessary. Do this on weekdays too I say! I'm currently reading The Hate U Give and would recommend everyone reads it!

* Watch a movie (or five) - whether at the house or at the cinema, take in a fave. This weekend I plan to re-watch Love Actually since Danny has never seen it (!!!).

* Start a new hobby - So I have a new hobby. Ive begun to collect (and try not to kill) plants. My mum has been a plant fanatic for as long as I've known her and recently I've picked up the hobby too. I currently have 8 or so plants (3 are succulents). I have blogged about not having a green thumb before, but I'm learning. Ill post about my plants soon but check out these wall planters that I'm thinking of getting for some indoor plants. So freaking cute!

* Clean the house / get the chores done - This may not be the most relaxing thing to do on the weekend but it sure will make the most of it and bonus - it will make the weekdays easier too. I do all my laundry on the weekend and any major cleaning.

* Cook a new dish - I mean, let's be honest, this won't be every weekend. But I tend to try new recipes (or make up new ones) like this recipe, during my Sunday meal prep (when I do prep).

* Relax / have some 'you' time / Do nothing - Possibly the most favourite part of the weekend. Relaxing. Frankly some weekends I plan to do nothing and that just fine too (which was actually the first thing I told my friend).

Have the best weekend!!

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  1. All great ideas for wonderful weekends. We entertain a lot on weekends too.

  2. weekends are for decompression from work so it's all about relaxing, doing nothing, napping, reading, being with friends/family.

  3. In a world where too many live to work instead of work to live, this list is so refreshing! Treasure those weekends girlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. With my daughter's sport, I take my non-competition weekends very seriously. I try as much as possible to do relaxing things, whatever that needs to look like. Sometimes it's going to the beach, sometimes it's getting up at 7AM with the dogs and reading a book instead of going back to sleep, sometimes it's binge watching Netflix. It all depends.

  5. I hear ya about Christmas decorating this year. We won't be home for it so I'm not bothering with all the effort putting up a tree etc. All of these on your list and my favorite weekend things to do I have don't have anything scheduled.

  6. I LOVE these!! So many good ideas. I'm always surprised when people say they're bored on weekends as well! Last night I "had" to go to the mall and it felt really nice to browse. I didn't like the line, why I do online shopping so much but I knew I had all the time in the world and that helped frame my mindset.

  7. Love it. I hate to sleep in though, I have to get up or I feel like I'm wasting my time. I totally understand why people do it, and that it is using time well for some. But not for me. :P Hope Danny loved Love Actually! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  8. Even my dog knows that weekends are for sleeping in, she won't get out of bed until I do, and even then she's slow moving.


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