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January 15, 2018

Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 6 (Word of the year and plans for the blog)

Hi Guys! Can you believe we are halfway through January and this is my first post for the month? I got back home from my trip to Romania and Germany about a week and some ago and after being out of the country for 3 weeks, I have been busy dealing with work, my health (more on that in a bit), wedding planning and life enjoying. It's been a whirlwind. I thought I'd hop in quickly and update about it all (and chat a bit about my word of the year).

** My vacation was awesome and a full recap will follow. I must say though, that while I love the cold, I'm happy to be back in 25 degree (Celsius) weather and to be able to walk out of my house without needed to put on 5 million articles of clothing. Seriously, that was hands and feet down the worst part of winter for me. A simple walk to the trash was a whole ordeal. That got old really quickly.

** Since being back I've had to deal with some minor health issues. I'm on the up and up but that led to some major anxiety and lack of motivation to blog. That leads to my word of the year: WELLNESS. I actually thought about making it 'health' but wellness better suited what I want for the year. Its not just about physical health but really also taking care of my emotional and mental well being and making peace a practice and not just a state of being.

** Wedding planning is ... going. Most things are booked but I am still majorly stressing over the minor details and 1/2 (read: 3/4) of me still wishes we just eloped. In the end it will all be fine and I know that, I just wish someone told me that wedding planning was not all butterflies and tostito chips (love me some chips - wedding planning, not so much).

** Although half of January is over and I'm just posting on the blog for the first time, I DO plan on blogging a whole lot more in 2018. My goal is to average 8-10 posts a month (even this month) and to focus more on travel (lots of it), adventures, home stuff/ decorating (still need to do some house posts), reading, recipes (cooking SOOO much these days) and daily life. Basically what I've done before, but a lot more of it. We'll see how it goes. I most certainly cannott wait to bombard you guys with posts about Romania though ... there will be a LOT of them (though not in a row) starting next week!
Sidenote: I do have a question though and please tell me what you think... its that time of year when I have to renew my domain names (plural because along with this blog's name, I own the domain for my full name as well a couple others). Anyway, it came to my attention that for "thekaytimes" domain, I was also paying for hosting for the last three years. Now this blog is a blogger blog so basically I was wasting money as I was not 'hosting' any blog. The question I have is this, do I pay to just transfer this blog to wordpress since it was on my mind for later this year and I was paying for it anyway? Or should I stop hosting and just transfer later. The plan was that if I was able to keep up with a full year of consistent blogging I would transfer.... should I just fast track it? Lemme know your thoughts. Be honest.

** I'm very excited for 2018, and for just continuing to grow professionally, personally, and really in every aspect. I'm also excited for so much travel this year. We have plans to go to Greece in May. No tickets are booked yet but we are really hoping that happens.

Have a great Monday guys!!!

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  1. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! And try not to stress about wedding planning, at the end of the day everything will be perfect!

  2. Sorry to hear you've been having some health issues since back. Wellness is a good word for this year as it covers physical, mental, spiritual etc. Can;'t wait to hear about your trip! It looked beautiful but I can imagine the layering of clothes good annoying real quickly. What date did you pick for your wedding and where are you having it?? Need the details! lol

  3. I'm glad you are on the up & up! I can't wait to hear about your trip. Cold is no joke. Greece sounds amazing! That would be so much fun.

  4. Wedding planning could definitely involve a certain quantity of chips...we had a nacho bar at our reception so there were quite a few tortilla chips, ha! I love reading travel posts so I'm excited about your blog plans!

  5. Yay and welcome back. I hope all is resolved with your health. Re: hosting, I'm with blogger and pay for my domain name but that's as far as it goes for me. No other advice- sorry!

  6. Hope you are doing better health-wise. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! And I feel you on the cold weather! It's been below freezing for a couple of weeks here in Virginia and I'm done with winter. Imagine half of your year being like that, every year!

  7. Winter frigidness is no joke! I can barely handle when the temps drop in Florida, and don't know how I ever grew up in the northeast with real cold. Yipes! Glad you're home, and feeling better. LOVE your word for the year <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Your word for the year is perfect. I cant wait to hear all about your trip! I bet you are glad to be in some warmer weather now. I have my own domain and use wordpress. I really like it this way, but I have been doing this since like 2014 I think? I cant even remember. I think it is what you prefer, but if you like your domain name and plan to switch, I would just keep it.

  9. So sorry about the health issues! I'm so excited to read about your trip! :)

  10. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling so well. I think wellness is a great word of the year. I love the ideas you have for your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts about Romania.

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