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June 25, 2018

Coffee Chats ~ Vol. 7 (Hi its been a while and I have SO many updates)

I wont win any prizes for consistency on this blog, but I'm not letting it go. I'm not sure I ever will. So even if there's radio silence for a while, know I'll be back. And here I am, popping in again at the end of what can only be described as the very best yet most anxiety filled months of my life (hence the simplifying and letting go of anything that would even remotely increase my anxiety - including this site).

Anyway, time for the updates. There are many!


I got married!!!

April 7th has been the best day of the year so far. I still fully hated planning the wedding, that is my unapologetic truth, but the day of the wedding was amazing and I married my best friend. Danny has been a complete blessing in my life and I am so happy to be his wife!

I'll share bits of it soon as I sort through the photos of the day. Im actually pretty excited to document it and it'll give me the kick in the ass I need to create my album.

Travel to Romania for a wedding:

In mid-May we travelled to Romani for Danny's cousin's wedding, which coincidentally was the same day as the Royal wedding. It was my first Christian Orthodox wedding and it was so much fun. They feed you a lot at Romanian weddings and all the food was amazing!

I also plan to document this trip as time goes on. I've been to Romania twice at this point and have seen around six major cities there. Its a beautiful country and feels like a second home so, I really want to share it.

Honeymoon in Greece:

We left Romania after about a week and headed to Greece for the honeymoon. We spent the first  bit of the honeymoon in gorgeous Mykonos...

mykonos greece

... and then spent a couple days in Athens.

I mean it when I say everyone should visit Greece. Its so stunning. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we'd be going to Santorini, but we changed our minds after seeing some great deals in Mykonos. While I still want to visit Santorini one day, I highly recommend Mykonos to anyone visiting Greece. The island is small but stunning.

Travel to Romania (again) and London in August:

Speaking of travel, we are heading out again in August.

We plan to visit Danny's son (he is previously divorced and has two beautiful kiddos) for his birthday. His almost 8 year old son actually lives in London but any visit to Europe means we will be visiting Romania also. Soooo the trip will be to Romania and London. Bonus - ill spend my own birthday in Romania!!

New Job:

I quit my job. Gosh, that sounds so dramatic.

I work for one of the best law firms in the Caribbean. While I love it, there isn't really room for growth and promotion for me there. I accepted an offer at a marginally less prestigious firm that offers me an immediate promotion to Senior Associate, a chance at partnership in two years and more money. My last day is August 10th and I have a month off between the two jobs (hence the ability to travel yet again).

Health issues:

Now for the downer part of the post. Because of course.

I've had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) for a few years but in the last year its decided to act a damn fool. What that meant is that I put on 50 (yes that's FIFTY) pounds between last January and this year. I got married at one of the heaviest weights I've ever been (only 'one of' because I managed to loose 5 pounds before the wedding) and my photos have been super hard to look at if I'm being completely honest. My face doesn't even look like my own (though its still cute :P).

Hell, I rarely take photos of myself anymore.

Anyway, that increase in weight has come with both physical and emotional health issues. It's the real reason for my silence around here, but I'm dealing with them both - I'm now actively working on lowering this weight gain and minimising the effects of PCOS. Down 10 so far!

Ok thats enough for updates.

As I'm feeling a little bit better these days, I plan to update on all the trips Ive taken, books Ive read, my new gardening hobby and just life. We all know Im not consistent but Im giving this blogging thing another go.

** PS if I was a regular reader of your blog, then I was reading all along even in my silence.

Have a great Monday guys!!

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  1. First of all -huge congratulations to you and your new husband - yay for your wedding!! I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with PCOS, but it sounds like you are on the way to where you want to be!! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  2. Welcome back and so many congratulations for so many things! So sorry to hear about the PCOS and hope that you are on the road to recovery XOXO. PS Loved looking at your greece pics and can't wait to read more! We are heading to greece on Sunday.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding! I'm so happy for you.

    I hope you have a fun trip in August.

    Congrats on your new job opportunity!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle with PCOS. I hope and pray that your journey is as pain free as possible.

    Amy @ https://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  4. I know (too well!) that it doesn't matter what anyone else says about your weight, it's about how you feel about it. But I'll say it anyway - you are STUNNING in your wedding photos. I love them.

  5. I am so glad you're back! You look gorgeous in your wedding photo & I love that dress! I am so sorry that you've been dealing with PCOS. Congratulations on your wedding, getting to travel, & making a career move that's best for you!

  6. Congrats on the new job! That sounds like an awesome opportunity. I totally relate to being somewhere that doesn't provide an opportunity for growth. That is my current struggle. I am sorry you have been dealing with PCOS, I am sending you all the hugs. I must say though, you look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding pictures. And your honeymoon pictures?? Makes me want to go there so bad!!!

  7. YES GIRL!!

    I am so glad you're back to share all of this with us! First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding! You look gorgeous and I'm so happy for you both! Your travels sound incredible and you're making me want to learn more about Romania and spend some time in Greece. I hope that honeymoon was everything you could have asked for and more!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles with PCOS. I haven't dealt with that directly but have had lots of hormone/reproductive issues and can relate with the weight gain and all of the emotional turmoil that comes with all of it. You look amazing in your wedding photo and in Greece and I hope you won't be too hard on yourself while looking at those pics and just enjoy them for the great memories they contain.

    Looking forward to catching up with your upcoming posts!

  8. Welcome back!!! You look absolutely fabulous in your wedding photo and that pic in Greece?! It's never been on my list but after hearing you talk about it I'm adding it. Sorry to hear about your health struggles with PCOS, but it sounds like you're already rocking the weight loss and other side effects. I semi follow Healthful pursuit for Keto and she's dealt with PCOS in a lot of her posts and podcasts as she struggles with it, I believe. Good luck on getting back into blogging, it's hard after stepping out but finding a rhythm that works is the best advice I received.

  9. Congrats on the new job and of course getting married ahhhh! Yay for a sneak peak wedding pic, and your honeymoon looked amazing! Super jealous of all your trips across the pond lately <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Girl you look stunning on your wedding day and I'm so happy that you found your soulmate! Sounds like your travel adventures this year have been phenomenal and an amazing experience with your new hubby! So sorry to hear about the health issues but I don't see the pounds on you, just a gorgeous face and smile xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  11. So glad to see you back in the blog world!! Your wedding dress is so gorgeous and you look so happy! It's also pretty nice that you get a bit of a break in between starting the new job and will be able to fit a bit of travel in!

  12. Im so happy for the break in between jobs, you have no clue! lol

  13. Thanks so much!! Ill working hard get the health issues under control :)

  14. Greece was beyond amazing!

  15. You should definitely go to Greece. Ill check it out! I actually am following KETO at the moment with great results!

  16. Thanks girl!!! Romania is amazing - I wish more people visited. Such a stunning country! Ugh PCOS is a pain in the butt

  17. Thanks girlie! Im taking all those hugs :)


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