So, although I'm on a constant mission to lose weight, I also love to eat, and cook. The struggle. 

I'm no chef by any means, but typically I don't cook using recipes or cookbooks. I kinda just wing it. I decided to document my 'winging it' processes here on the blog. To get to the recipe, click on the photo or the name of the dish. Do let me know if you try them! Enjoy!


* * * * * *

Simple and easy healthy breakfast recipe

Egg and Spinach 
Breakfast Taco

* * * * * *

Simple and easy breakfast Taco

Lunch and Dinner:

* * * * * *

A delicious twist on a the Traditional Hot Dog

Shepherd's Pie

* * * * * *

Cooked minced meat baked w/
potatoes and a cheese crust

* * * * * *

Traditional Trinidadian one pot pelau 
(chicken peas carrots and rice, cooked in brown sugar)

* * * * * *

Simple and healthy Quinoa dish

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