Did I just start a blog?

I cant believe I just sat for an hour starting a blog … Literally. One. Hour. I cant even imagine anyone will ever read it (they wont) or find it, since no one knows I am starting it … yet here I am, typing my first post, on a blog that I just actually started. I guess its not too farfetched either … Reading blogs is my not so secret hobby. I may or may not have downloaded bloglovin’ as my first ipad app. Before I became an attorney, I read for a literature degree. I absolutely love to write and so I think writing as opposed to only reading others’ blogs will float my proverbial boat. My only hang up is that in the Caribbean where I’m from there are very few bloggers who do so just for the fun of it. In spite of that, I plan to write for the fun of it even though i have serious anxiety over people actually reading it and judging me for having a blog … hypothetically of course. I genuinely think that people will have this sarcastic reaction if I told them that I have a blog:

All. kinds. of. fascinating.

Seriously though, for the longest while I have also been writing a book and have had a bit of a writers block so hopefully writing in this lil space on the internet will revive my will to simply write … even if no one reads it.

If you are wondering why I chose the name The Kay Times … Its simple my name is Krystal and every single female in my immediate family’s name starts with K and so does my dad’s middle name… Kay is also my nickname … I’m Kay to those around me. I also love writing and if I were not an attorney, I’d most probably be a journalist. And so The Kay Times is born!

Stick around a while … I hope I do too!


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