Sooo I started a blog … now what?

Welp …

I started this little space here on the interwebs and guess what … I’m stumped. I tried my hand at editing my very simple template, I created a blog button and nearly lost my shit while doing it and then I opened the blank ‘new post’ page and stared.

and stared ….

and stared….

And then I typed this babble.

Clearly I’m not off to a good start .. Its not that I dont have ideas because I do have posts that I already want to write and pictures from trips that Ive taken that I would like to share. Maybe its the long day at work or the graduate class that i suffered through for 3 hours afterwards that has my brain all muddled, or maybe I just need to sleep. Or maybe at the ripe old age of 28 I have to accept that I’m getting old. Seriously, growing older is overrated...


Preach Bro!
Tomorrow is another day!


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