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There are days when we walk around interacting with people and we just don’t see their issues, their fears and their concerns. I live a very blessed life, I have accomplished my dream of becoming an attorney at a young age but I too have fears and concerns that I know people overlook because I must have a good life… I mean I’ve actually been told this. This isn’t about me though, this is about the fact  that peoples’ problems are often overlooked.

In speaking to both my bff (and fellow attorney) and a young misguided gentleman today, I truly realized that no one is immune from problems. Your job simply should not and cannot be the only definer or your happiness. In the same regard, we must not look down or scorn those who are seemingly on the wrong path… I guess all I’m trying to say in this really too serious post, is that we should always give persons a chance.

Be kind to those you meet as you have no idea what a smile, a kind word or a hug would do for them. Guard your tongues people, because words spoken cannot be retrieved. Be Kind and don’t assume that everything is ok with everyone … rich, poor or in between … because a lot of the time that just may not be the case. 

A Little Kindness goes a Long way!


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