And I’d like to thank the academy …

Ehh em … *clears throat*

So I received an email today from D who blogs at A different D. She so kindly nominated me for a Liebster award! Thanks D for giving me a Beyonce moment …

D is such a cool chick and one of those people that I’m so glad I met through blogging. She lost 50 pounds in a year and looks great. Seriously motivational!

Anyway I have to answer 10 questions since i’ve won.

1. Why blog, why not just keep a journal?

I really don’t have an answer for this one. I love to write and have been reading blogs for a while. With some recent trials in my life, I decided to take the plunge this year in order to release my anxiety somewhere and I’ve been loving it! I guess a journal could work too but I wouldn’t be able to put a Beyonce gif in a journal now would I? Ha!

2. What is you favorite form of exercise?

I love the treadmill, I can be on a treadmill for a hot minute and not get bored which is an issue for me. I’ve recently decided to take up running and I can’t wait to get on that!

3. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Getting a little personal here …. but she asked so here goes … I lost my sister earlier this year and I would wish firstly that my sister had a longer life, second I would wish for my parents health to continue to be as great as it is … and my final wish would be for three more wishes … And I would use those three wishes for my other sister who lives in Australia, and my future hubby and kids 🙂

4. Do you think a 35 hour work week should be THE LAW everywhere?

I work way too much … And I’ve already stated in this post that we would alllll be happier with four day work weeks and three day weekends so YES!

5. Lipstick, Lip gloss, or chap stick?

I love my lips, they are almost perfectly shaped. That being said, they are very big as well. Therefore I don’t wear much if any lipstick. LIPGLOSS all the way, I don’t leave home without lipgloss on my lips.. with some liner ;). 

6. What is the best meal you have ever had?
I don’t have a favourite food.

7. What are your top 5 songs on your playlist that you HAVE to hear?
If we are talking about right now, I’d have to say:
        i. Beyonce – Drunk in Love
       ii. Future – Turn on the Lights
      iii. Future – Honest
      iv. Katy Perry – Dark Horse (mainly for the beat … the video was whack)
       v. Jah Cure – You’ll never find

8. What are your blog goals?

I just want to be consistent and not give up on it if I’m down or if loads of people IRL find out about it. I actually like it and spend way more time on this blog than I care to admit! 

9.  Bed, wed or dead? Brad Pit, Chris Hemsworth, Will Smith.

Oh man this is hard. I guess I’ll wed Chris Hemsworth because he’s younger than the other two and he’s just yummy and if I wed him Ill get to bed him anyway! Ill bed Will Smith and Brad Pitt. No one dies. So there. 

10. What is your favorite post that you wrote?

I’m still pretty new at this blogging thing but my favourite and most popular post so far has been this Wednesday’s Confessions post. I spill some of my secrets in that one!

This was fun!



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