At my age I should be …

I’m 28, and I feel like society has placed certain pressures on us late twenties folk to be at a certain ‘stage’ at this point. Truthfully, I don’t look or feel 28 and although it did take me a while, I now don’t care as much that I’m in my late twenties, not married (yet), and don’t have babies. 

It’s still funny to look at the stereotypes though! 

According to society

At my age I should be looking like:

And feeling like:

And doing things or already have done things like:

Or better yet …


I usually look like:

And feel like:

I spend my days like:

And my weekends like:

And that’s ok too!

Also thank you to Amanda from Notes from a Newlywed for nominating me for a versatile blogger award! Muy apreciado!

It’s day 1 of the work week for me! Happy Tuesday guys!



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