Five Things!

This week flew by and I can’t believe it’s already Friday. Keeping it short today since I’m way too tired and/or lazy to recap my week. Instead I’ll just share five things:


1. My blog design is complete! My reaction?

It’s simple, its cute and very my style! It was designed by Whitney and was first installed last week but it needed a few tweaks and she fixed me right up yesterday! Love it and loved working with her! … I may or may not look stare at it way too often … I  mean like refreshing the screen on the laptop and opening the page on the Ipad and phone and every other device with internet … What do you think of the design?

2. My Toshiba Satellite laptop that I’ve had since I finished law school 2.5 years ago has been giving trouble. womp womp bloody womp! I have an Ipad which I love but which isn’t too practical for my work and now blogging. I also have an HP net-book that moves way too slow for me so that bad boy gets ignored. My Toshiba laptop is the one I do everything on! And it is on its last legs. I mean, it still technically works but if I unplug it its dead in 2.5 seconds … and battery problems aside, there’s an overheating issue. Welp as it would happen, I went into work yesterday and I was given a Lenovo Think pad! Crisis averted! Again I’m too tired lazy to even snap an Iphone picture but it’s this laptop:

It would probably not have been my first choice … its very ummm … business-y. But, turns out I love it! It’s sleek and thin and LIGHT! Light is always a good thing. Again, I love it and I’m totes grateful.

3. I need a beach day. I swear all week that’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’m supposed to be taking a trip to St. Lucia or Barbados at some point in the near future and I need it. I crave it and I must have it. Soon. Preferably Barbados, with a beach chair, white sand, blue waters and my kindle! *swoon* That is all!

Barbados 2012

4. I love me a good quote! I’ve always loved this quote by Nora EphronThis week in the not so great moments, I had to remind myself of this:

5. I love music. Music is everything and if you know me then you know that I’m the girl on the highway singing to the music in the car. Yeah. I keep it classy. I know this song isn’t new but I’ve been listening to this non stop this week! This beat in my car … on the way home from a long day? Just Yes. Take a listen. Better yet press play and then scroll up and look at the gif with the music on. You are welcome!

Turn On The Lights by Future on Grooveshark

Happy Friday and have a great weekend folks!



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