It’s Wednesday! Let’s Confess …

Ahhh Hump Day guys and more confessions. I say this every week but I love these posts. I get to scream and shout and let it all out *dances to the song in my head*. Everytime I read a confessions post, Im like:

Anyway, enough babble and on to my confessions …

1. I have dance parties by myself in front of the mirror. I’m talking headphones in ear and dancing and singing with an imaginary mike like I’m 12. It’s odd and embarrassing. 

2. For the first seven posts this blog was named ‘Simply Kay’ … and it looked like this:

I taught myself enough html to be able to ‘design’ (clearly I’m using that word veryyyy loosely) it myself. I created the header and the side buttons for the pages and everything. And then I hated everything about it including the name, so I changed it! I think that my God awful ‘sketched’ picture that looked nothing like me or the original picture (my nose looked extraordinarily large in the sketch) scared people off because I got exactly zero comments when my blog looked like that. I decided to leave the designing to other people and I changed the name to something that suited me more. Good job Kay *pats self on back*.

3. I am terrified of too many people in my real life finding this blog. Since we’re confessing, I think I’m more afraid they’ll laugh.There I said it. I’m a lawyer and my colleagues can be a bit umm … judge-y.  I imagine a reaction like this:

which will ultimately lead to me saying:

It’s one of the main reasons for the lack of pics around here. I’m slowly starting not to give a rat’s derrière about who finds out though. We’ll see how that goes.

4. I was told by the dentist about 6 months ago that I need to remove my wisdom teeth because my mouth is too small for them. Particularly one tooth that is painfully emerging. I haven’t gone back. I’m a chicken hear me squak.

5. If I have a plate of food I prefer everything to be separate on the plate especially the meat. Meat. must. touch. nothing. ever. Yeah I know what you’re thinking:

And that’s it … short and sweet this week!

I have a long couple days ahead with work, actually this entire week has been a bundle of crazy work-wise, so I may just catch you all on Friday to list my Favourites of the week!

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂



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