Loss …

Well, since I last posted, my life has done a complete 360. I can honestly say that before March 10th I lived in a small bubble; a bubble where all the other persons who never had a personal tragedy close to home resided. You might remember in this post I mentioned that I was exhausted and one of those reasons was because of the hospital visits that I did that week. My sister, my dear sister, to whom I was so close unfortunately passed away. Just typing those words take a lot out of me. I am not sure if I will be talking about this on the blog, particularly since my usually bubbly personality has been completely deflated by this enormous loss in my life and I simply do not have the words or the ability to speak about it. 

Perhaps Bonnie from the Life of Bon explained the emotions attached to grief best in this post. She so eloquently expressed what I cannot yet say.

In any event, I decided that since I have always loved travel and documenting my life, I will give this blog more of a direction. I need an escape and writing may be just what the doctor or my therapist ordered. So I got a brand new blog design from Whitney and I’m restarting this blogging journey. PS this design is awesome. I’m not sure how Whitney took my words and made it into this but I’m so happy with it.

Although I contemplated not posting about the subject at all, I couldn’t write another blog post without acknowledging the biggest loss I have ever faced. Truthfully, I don’t want or need pity but I would welcome encouragement.

To those who are no longer in that tragedy-free bubble, I feel for you and for those who still reside within the bubble, cherish every moment. It goes too soon.

I am currently broken but in her memory, I will attempt to pick up the pieces. RIP Kerry, I will always love you!


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