Ten things I (think i would) love about blogging …

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was restful and stress free! Thankfully, I have had a particularly uneventful and quiet weekend. I did some work for grad school and for my job and my side hustle (tutoring at a Uni). Last night I marked what felt like a million midterms for the students. Working on a weekend sucks major cajones, but the weekend was still a welcome quiet after the chaos that was the last 5 months of my life. I wish I could say that working on a weekend was not the norm but sadly every weekend I have at least some work I just have to do. As my boss put it‘I don’t know why you think you have weekends’… He’s so
lucky I like him! Seriously … I have the best boss!

I’m still new to blogging and so I definitely won’t have 10 things that I already love about blogging since I haven’t blogged that much. But having read blogs for a while, I can certainly find 10 things that I think I would love about the blogging journey as time goes on! Also I love the positivity of this, so let’s go!

My ten favorite things about blogging:

1. A place to write – sometimes a girl just needs to write. I mentioned in this post that I write. Blogging is not only excellent practice but it’s an outlet. An outlet for all the words, all the time. And of course, sometimes a girl needs to not only write she needs to vent!

2. The community – there’s one thing I have always noticed about blogging and it’s that the women (and men) who blog generally support each other! A little support goes a long way especially for a newbie like me just trying to figure out my niche in the blog world.

3. It can be relaxing – Saturday morning I spent well over an hour putting together this post about my trip to India. It was time consuming but so relaxing… Usually patience is not a virtue that I possess but if blogging is going to relax me, I’ll take it … All of it ….

4. Freedom of expression – I’m an attorney by profession and a tutor at a university … i.e. I have to hold my tongue … A lot … in order to maintain some professionalism. To my friends however, I’m sarcastic and witty, sometimes inappropriate and I love a good laugh and drink. I am constantly dancing on the border between serious and absolute nutcase and I love it! I think the blog would give me the freedom to express myself the way I want to. If I want to be sarcastic or funny, I will be … If I wanna be serious, I will be. It depends on my mood.

5. Memories – I haven’t had a diary or journal since I was maybe 13 and in lurve with a boy named Stephen Burke…. who obvi didn’t know I ‘loved’ him … but my diary knew… my diary knew everything. Welp, one day my mum (love her) found that diary … and my thoughts on Stephen and then … she knew what my diary knew … and I never kept another diary again. The end! Pretty sure I was like:

I wish in my teenage embarrassment-filled haste I didn’t throw away that diary because memories are everything! So the blog would be just that … A place that I could look back on with fond memories!

6. Hobby – it’s a hobby. Everyone needs a hobby … Something outside of work, the boyfriend etc to occupy time. A hobby that can be done with a glass of wine? On the bed? While watching my favorite shows and not thinking about law or anything work related? Perfecto!

7. You get to meet people you ordinarily wouldn’t meet – I’m not from the US and although I do visit and have family there, I just wouldn’t meet some peeps if it weren’t for the blog.

8. Advice – I’m not a mum yet (though it’s my dream) but I bet when that day arrives if I ever need advice that my mum or sister can’t give me, I’ll just type ‘mummy blog’ in Google and I bet ya I’ll be set! That was just one example though. From weddings to babies to crafts to DIY to travel, if you want advice there will be a blog for that. I absolutely love this one though. Literally anything you wanna know … There’s a blog for it.

9. The opportunities – blogging opens doors that usually would not be opened. Whether it’s with working with big companies or contributing to online magazines, some have gained opportunities they never would have because of the exposure from blogland …

10. Money – let’s not pretend that money isn’t a good motivator. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money doing their hobby? I am new, I don’t make a dime and probably won’t for a hot minute. To be honest I’m not sure I ever would. But if that time ever comes, I’ll be grateful!

And there you have it!

Have a great week folks!


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