Wednesday Confessions

I’ve been waiting to do one of these confessions posts. I guess this is the get to know Krystal week on my blog. Yesterday I posted 25 Things you didn’t know about me (go check it out) and today here are some confessions … brace yourself!

I confess that I drive way too fast. Let’s just say the speed limit is not my friend! As my mum likes to put it, I drive my car like it’s a weapon of warfare. This is not a boast. It is in fact a problem … Too many friends have told me I drive ‘like a man’. I’m working on it!

I confess that I think most female drivers can’t drive. There. Said it. Don’t hate me. *emoji monkey with hands over eyes*

I confess that pedestrians who walk slooooowwwwwlllllyyyyy in front of my car make me actually weigh the pros and cons of gently moving them along. With my car …. No seriously….. (Three confessions in and all I talk about is cars and driving …)

I guess I should confess that I love cars, racing, motor sports etc #lewishamiltion #F1 #mercedes #annoyinghashtags … 

I confess that I have not watched Frozen or the second hunger games movie (I did read the books tho) … I should also confess that I think some people only ‘like’ Frozen because that’s just what’s popular right now ……….. Too far? 

I confess that I’m not the girliest of girls (See confessions one through four; also note the fact that there is very little pink and exactly zero amounts of glitter on my blog … Nothing’s wrong with that, it’s just not me). Maybe I should say I’m just not high maintenance. I currently have chipped polish on my toes and nails and I’m wearing no makeup today (and by no makeup I mean I only wore eyeliner  … We should be born with lined eyes) … I’m not a slob by any means, but there are the days when it doesn’t matter …

And in total contradiction to the above … 

I confess that I bought an Erin Condren notebook not because I needed it but because I saw others post about the planner and it was too pretty to pass up. You heard that? I. Bought. It. Because. It. Was. Pretty … If that wasn’t girly, I don’t know what is ….. Anyway, I knew I wasn’t ever gonna write in a planner since I have an iPhone and an iPad so I got the notebook instead. It’s cute but I’ve got exactly zero clues about what to write in it! Still …

I confess that sometimes I can be antisocial. If I don’t wanna see you, you won’t see me. Like straight up avoid. Totes awks.

… And while we’re at it, I confess that as of recently, I sometimes say ‘brb’ during text and whats’app conversations … Even when I know I won’t be right back … It’s horrible I know, but its been a rough couple of months so I’m giving myself a pass on this one.

I confess that on Sunday my 4’11” body hauled about 10 full bags of groceries and laundry up my apartment complex staircase so I wouldn’t have to walk back to my car … Cute.

I confess that when I got my first ever blog comment I did a jig … No. I’m serious. Truly did not expect the first one, and I was all …

I confess that I have MAJOR baby fever, but I’m not married (yet) … So there’s that …

Now that you probably all think I’m completely nuts, I’m done confessing for the week.



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