A trip to Maracas Beach

This is going to be predominantly a photo dump just a warning.

Last Saturday my bestie Nads asked me if I was down to going to the beach on Sunday. Now I know most folks think that if you live in the Caribbean, there is a beach round every corner. Not so in my neck of the woods. My country is pretty mountainous and so a trip to the beach can sometimes be an ordeal. In Barbados or even Tobago (the sister isle) for example, there really is a beach around every corner, however in Trinidad there are far fewer beaches. The beach I went to was an hour away from where I live.

Anyway once we made the plan we were all set … To get to Maracas Beach you have to drive through a lot of heavily vegetated areas …

There is a lookout as you get closer to the beach where people stop and take pictures and buy preservatives, local goodies for tourists and handmade jewellery.

After the lookout there’s about 15 more minutes of driving until you get to the beach.

We were starving when we got to the beach … We took a sip of some beer and then had a local favourite called bake and shark.

Then we relaxed on some beach chairs and enjoyed the beach …. We didn’t feel to swim .. Too many people were on the beach

Phew photo dump indeed. Most pics are unedited save the one of me eating which was just horribly cropped…. I tried to get the colour better as well since there was a shadow over me but I suck at editing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a little Caribbean-ness on the blog 🙂

Have a great Thursday! 🙂


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