And another week {and month} is over …

It’s Friday and I actually have a holiday today so I’m home and can read all the blogs. I have zero plans by choice because I really just wanted to relax today and I’m most certainly going to do that.

The week flew by but I still managed to find some faves:

Fave Moment:

Finding out about a quick overnight trip next week. Had me like …

Yeah its for work and that’s a bummer, and I go kind of often, but gosh I needed to get away and/or change scenery even if for one night. It’s the little things.

Fave Random Info:

So this guy landed in my ‘hood Thursday …

Scott and Kourtney brought their post Kimye wedding-fiasco selves over here. Apparently Scott’s here for a party on tonight. It’s not surprising though, we like to party, so celebs come here to party, not for the beach.

As much as I may not like them though, I hope they enjoy their stay as I’m sure they will. Hope they film it too. I’d watch that.

Fave Shopping Find:

So I’m perusing Nordstrom yesterday and I find this dress and fall in love … Its not even my typical style and I don’t even wear white! But love never makes sense … until it does. I was in lurve.

Found here

What did I do? I added it  to shopping cart. Price? What price? Never even checked. I’m impulsive like then …. Proceeded to check out …. then I noticed the price and halted all brakes on that sale. How is this beautiful, but lets be real, very little dress $300 USD. Nope. Not doing it. Its cute but moving on.

But then I found this plain little number for a steal in Forever 21 and my smile returned….

Found here

I was supposed to be looking for dresses to wear to a wedding and ended up shopping for random stuff. It’s a problem.

Fave Show:

Sigh a lot of my weekly shows ended their seasons but at least I still have Bravo … As much as I love the Real Housewives, my two least favourite cities are showing right now, New York and Orange County. The ladies are just not funny and they say things like this ….

It is what it is and its something to watch. Fall TV needs to start back pronto.

Fave Funnies:

All the time…

Royally screwed … mainly at work ha!

I couldn’t resist the cuteness ..

Fave Song:

I was listening to some music from the college days the other night and almost cried from the memories when I heard this song. Seriously I think a tear dropped. So many good memories.

live your life by T.I Rihanna on Grooveshark

Have a great Friday!



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