Confesh Sesh …

By the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be in my final exam for the year and then I’ll be free of anything grad school related for a while *insert lady in red dress dancing emoji*. Still, I didn’t want to miss a chance to confess so here I am writing a post when I should be studying. Typical me.

Anyway time for a Confesh sesh …

1. I don’t like many, if any, Michael Jackson songs. 

Don’t hate me but I am just one of those random few people in the world who just don’t think his voice is very soothing. I actually find it quite annoying. Yes there may be some songs that are catchy, but really I think I only like those because I’ve heard them so much growing up. Other than that … no thank you.

2. I don’t shave or wax my legs.

Hear me out. I’m not rocking 70’s chic, I just don’t have hair on my legs or arms and the hair that is there is so light and short that noone sees it. Here’s a random pic of my forearm. I dare you to find a speck of hair in this pic:

Closer look at a portion of my arm and tattoo:

(some lines need to be fixed)

(God is my strength in Latin)

Essentially, I am hairless. The last time I shaved my legs was years ago and I didn’t need to do it then either. People are always telling me how smooth my skin is and my friends have asked how often I shave. The answer is Never.

3. Sometimes when I read a new file at work, I wonder if its real life. Not that I’m reading the file … but I wonder if people really do, say, and act the way they say they do. Trust me I have seen some really crazy stuff in my short 2.5 years doing this that has left me wondering what the actual hell is wrong with people. Let’s just say I think there are many more crazy interesting people in this world than we all realize. If I didnt sign my life away in a confidentiality agreement for my job, and if it wasn’t just plain unethical, I would share some really crazy stories.

4. Getting really real here. I’m currently single for the first time since I was like 17 … and its weird. Really weird. I’m clueless as to how to navigate these waters …

It’s also really weird when a bulb blows in your apartment and the 6’3″ dude who used to practically live there is now not there to change it. What might be even weirder? When you stand on a chair to change it yourself but still can’t reach it because you are basically a little person and so you have to call his best friend who is now also one of your best male friends to do the job because you need to study. Le sigh. This is all hypothetical of course …

5. … I fell off a chair trying to change a bulb last night … this may or may not be related to the hypothetical situation above. My ego is more bruised than my romp and it was actually quite comical.

6. I can barely keep my eyes open right now and I cannot wait to nap the nap out of my bed as soon as this exam its over.

And that’s it! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday guys!!



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