Confessings and things…

So it turns out when you YOLO all weekend you have a lot of work to do when you get to work on Monday … and Tuesday #NO-YOLO. So that post I promised about my beach shenanigans this weekend … yeah Ill get to that tonight and post it tomorrow … hopefully. No promises this time.

On to the confessions … I saved the best two (pun?) for last!

1. I read all kinds of blogs. There are some hardcore Christian mummy blogs that I read and fan-geek over but will never comment on. In fact it was a Christian mummy blog that I first read that lead me to read other blogs which lead me here. True story.

2. I’m kinda sorta obsessed with my parents. I don’t speak about them on here nearly enough and I decided they deserve special mention. I’m obsessed with these two and they are the most supportive people … like ever. I look terrible in this pic (when I smile too big I get chipmunk cheeks) but I still love it.

Day I got called to the bar in 2011

3. I play with my bellybutton when I’m nervous and when I’m sleeping. I have since I was a kid. This is an embarrassing admission.

4. I hate the taste of beer (although for some reason it tastes better when on the beach) so I mix it with Coke …. Coca Cola people. Try it, trust me it changes the entire game entirely. Doesn’t matter which beer, just try it. Sprite works too.

5. This might just be T.M.I. but I have melons for boobs. They are ginormous … particularly for my height  … and people always think they’re fake! They’re not. I just take really good care of them aka cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks (none so far phew) and I ALWAYS wear bras. Even to sleep.

knockers… I actually think I chose a bad angled pic where they look the hugest. Jesus.

Downside? … aside from all the clothes I cant wear … Men never look at my face. Heck women either … Like ever! They do have upsides though. I did get free snow cone and beer (which I didn’t even drink … see above) at the beach on Sunday … *shrugs*

I mean how many of you have convos like this. This convo was with one of my best male friends. I saw him before I left for the beach on Sunday … note: he didn’t even ask about me haha  :/

6. When I was in law school, my roommate (and bff) Nads and I had no date for Valentine’s day one year. So we went to dinner together to cheer our no-date-loser-selves up. At the time Nads was rocking a her short hair. Me, my melons (they deserve separate mention) and long hair looked very feminine. Anyhoo our waiter and everyone else for that matter, thought we were a lesbian couple … and naturally when we realized what was up … we rolled with it …  Discounts for couples yo!



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