Confessions: the High School mischief edition

Jumping right in hoping you won’t judge me by the end …

I went to a strict all girl Catholic High School run by nuns. It is supposed to be one of the top schools on my island. There’s a stigma attached to us “Convent girls” ... My ex used to say “If the rain falls, all Convent girls will drown”. He might be right noses were definitely in the air.

That said, when you’re in a school of all girls … no matter how uppity people think you are … there’s bound to be trouble. Maybe it was just my class/year but we gave zero frogs about being uppity and fake. That said, we also should go down in the record books for worst class in the history of ever. I swear each of these could be its own post but … Ill shorten it.

1. One time when I was about 15 my entire Spanish class didn’t want to have class the next day because the teacher got us angry. So at lunch, we all gathered around and devised a plan for the following day. As planned, on the next day, one classmate brought a whoopee cushion and it was game over. The poor teacher walks in and there are ‘farts’ ripping through the class. The cushion was being passed around and so it came from all different angles. We convinced this lady that we all ate some bad shared lunch. Remember we were supposed to be good prissy girls so noone would think we would fake farts. Real tears were shed. It worked. No Spanish.

2. This one Ill call the sisterhood of the travelling diary – There was a girl in my homeroom when I was about 14 who spoke to a lot of boys and even kissed some, as in more than one of them eeek … Clearly she was labelled a slut. So some smart alec stole her diary which admittedly, she not so smartly brought to school. They stapled some pages from the diary in the cafeteria (clearly there was no twitter). Poor girl was distraught and went to the principals office. The principal came to our class to check our desk lockers. Guys … there was an unwritten no snitch code even among the prissiest of prissies. That diary passed from desk to desk discreetly as they searched the entire room. It was there all along … passing from girl to girl discreetly. They never found it. They never caught on. This scared me writing it. I shudder to think how this could have affected this girl had there been twitter …

3. Since we’re on the topic of diaries. My entire History class got in boatloads of trouble over a teacher’s diary. The teacher claimed she stepped out of class and that she had left her diary in her bag and someone took the diary and spread viscous rumours about her wedding. What really happened: The teacher gave a student the diary to copy over some notes that she stupidly wrote in her diary. The student did flipped through. It’s a girl school. Girls are nosy. We ALL huddled as she read about the members of staff who weren’t being invited and why. She lied on the entire class. Was the class wrong? Yes. Was she also wrong?

4. This one makes me really really sad. Just last week me and my High School bestie spoke about it. It was awful and I hope it left no lifelong effects. Noone liked this one girl in class. I think most didn’t like her by association. Nothing was wrong with her. Ill be brief on this story because I’m too embarrassed for my class. Some really mean girls convinced the school and their parents as a joke that she had lice. My school was strict and she was given two choices. Stay home for two weeks even if she treated her hair or cut. it. off.  Everyone was too scared to say it was a joke gone too far at this point. So noone admitted it. She cut her very long beautiful hair off.

5. This one is specifically about me. We wore uniforms to school. School rules dictated that your skirt should be two inches below your knee. i.e. long. Listen its a convent, I get it, but I was always short and that made me look like I was a child so I personally hemmed my skirt up to where you could see my knee. My skirt was also a little tight. I was a rebel. One day my homeroom teacher (Form teacher) had enough of those with short skirts and marched all of us to the office where we were provided with the most god awful replacements ever. How rude. Don’t they know short girls wear short skirts?

6. Both of my older sisters went to the same school as I did. They fit the mould better than I did though. Both prefects and house captains etc.  My eldest sister was out of school by the time I got in (11 years older than I am). My other sister however, she was a house captain and lets just say I had to use her name to get out of many a sticky situation. Many. She always had my back, and me hers. Love her. She was so fetch.

7. Ok last one. Before graduation we got word from a girl in our class whose mum was on staff that some teachers were going to say that our year (while very smart) was the most mischievous year they had ever seen. It was to be an ambush. Naturally, we devised a plan and practised our plan every lunch hour until the big day. On graduation day after all the speeches were true to form, we all stood up and the class president said we had a song to sing for the teachers. They beamed with pride. Their mischievous class was fond of them and was going to serenade them … We had nothing to lose. We were leaving. We gathered on stage like a choir, the soundtrack started to play and the best singer in the class belted out in her best soprano:  “Now that you’re out of my life I’m so much better …” 

We all sang the chorus.
Dunno what song it is? Take a listen to these words …

Survivor by Destiny child on Grooveshark

As I write this I’m not even sure I should publish. So embarrassing how bratty we were at times. I recognize that some of these stories are extreme and I am not in any way making light of any bullying situation. Just had to say that. These are real stories though. 

Also, this is just the mischief edition. We had a lot more good than bad times and we love our school! I still wear my school ring. We were bad in our strict school but we all turned out ok humans. I think.

Don’t worry I’m judging these stories more than you are.

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