Wow this week is flying by … It’s Thursday!!!

I feel a little random today so I whipped up one of those currently posts that are popping up everywhere. I’ve always wanted to do one of these posts because well I like to read about the random things people are up to. I cant even remember where I first saw this particular version but according to one of the blogs I read, I think the original can be found here

Making:A new playlist on iTunes for my drive to and from work.

Cooking: HAHA my most elusive goal. But if you call whipping up a salad cooking then I guess I cooked this week

Drinking: A wine spritzer … Nice way of saying wine with some sprite. Don’t judge my methods just try it! haha 

Reading: Boy I read quickly usually but I didn’t get to read a lot this week so I’m still reading this book but I plan to finish it up on Friday because I have a holiday and a long weekend yay!

Wanting: So many thingsssss … I want this dress right now. I have two weddings in August. One is more dressed down/ casual than the other. I really really like this dress but the problem is that I’m not sure how it will look on a girl with boobs. The price is also steep and there’s also the fact that I’m short and would have to cut it even if I buy it in petite and it may lose some of its design. Maybe I should say I wanted this dress but it may not happen:

Found here

Looking: Looking at the Miama vs Indiana game at the moment. #GOHEAT

Playing: Music softly on my laptop while I blog and watch the game! Music from my college years always take me back. So Im playing music circa 2009 This song is currently playing:

2.Keri Kilson,Kanye West & Neyo-Knocks You Down by DJ Delz & Kanye West on Grooveshark

Wasting: Money on food … Why are salads so expensive anyway? Its grass people. On a serious note though I need to go a week without spending a dime on food! I keep saying it but I keep doing the same thing every week.

Sewing: haha … This is funny. My grandfather had a tailor shop growing up and I always wanted to learn to sew. It never happened. I can ‘hem’ something if I really needed to. That’s the extent of it!

Wishing: So many things … To get fit enough to run a 5k in September is one of the tops on the list though.

Enjoying: My wine spritzer. Yum.

Waiting: For next week when I get an overnight trip to Tobago (the sister isle) for work! Yay for hotels, room service and hotel TVs.

Liking: Blogging and the friendships I’m making through it. Makes me all smiley 😀

Wondering: Where the heck I put the white shorts I wore this weekend. They could be in my apt or at my parents. I have no clue.

Loving: This romper that I bought online from Nordstoms this weekend!!! I love it! Does anyone think I can make this work for a wedding? Or is it too casual? 

Found here

Hoping: To enjoy the long weekend I have this weekend!

Marvelling: At my ability to waste time. Not that blogging is wasting time, but I do have a deadline for tomorrow and I should be working on a file right now. Whadamidoing? I’m blogging … and searching Nordstrom for a dress … at a reasonable price.

Needing: Compression sleeves for my shins to prevent shin splints!!! Also needing to stretch some more to maybe prevent some of those shin splints! Thanks Alyssa for the advice 🙂

Smelling: My Glade candle that’s burning. Love me some candles.

Wearing: I think I need to go put on some pants in order to answer this question … not gonna happen.

Following: The NBA Playoffs … 

Noticing: How many people are pregnant and engaged. A few months ago everyone would guess it would be me next. It’s only when you’re single you notice just how many folks are getting knocked up and engaged/married!

Knowing: That I’m going to pour a second glass before bed because yum …

Thinking: About so many things. Life, love, the fact that my car NEEDS to be washed … That last one is really on my mind. The car is horribly dirty.

Feeling: Tired. Also genuinely sad that the world lost a great woman yesterday. She was as wise one that Maya Angelou …

Bookmarking: PicMonkey … because I love it.

Opening: A pack of nuts … because I now eat like a squirrel and this is what snacking looks like nowadays.

Giggling: This would be a weird one to answer except I actually was just giggling while messaging my friend. My neighbours are having quite the night and I’m hearing through my very thick apt walls. #YouGoGirl

What are you currently doing/loving?? Let me know!

Have a great Thursday!



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