Let’s talk shoes!

I love me some shoes! I may not be the biggest fashion-ista or stylish girl (being that I’m always in black) but I have the shoe game on lock! (I also love handbags but that’s for another day). Shoes make me happy and I don’t give a flamingo’s tail feather if that comes across a little superficial… 

Kidding of course …

Shoes don’t need to be designer for me to love them. I’m also frugal as heck so I have a limit as to what I’d spend on a shoe! I have found some great comfortable shoes that are not from a ‘popular’ designer. That being said, finding shoes for size 5 feet at all can become a little very difficult … This is not an exaggeration. However, If I could get my hand on any of these in my size, I’d be happy as a clam. I provided the links for most of them so feel free to click the links for those you want to check out some more.

It’s no secret that I’m basically a little person at 4’11. I love me some heels. It gives me height and makes my short legs look … less short. Check these out! I want. I need.

1. FOREVERNEW.COM.AU – I wish I had somewhere to wear these beauties to. If I did, I’d buy them immediately.

2.  CASADEI STILETTO HEEL PUMPS – I have one similar to this. Perfect shoe for a night out. 

3. GILT.COM – Great work shoe for (in my case) a non-court day. On court days I must wear black. Not complaining.

4. NINEWEST.COM – I own these! Hell I’m on my second pair and I’d buy another. This is my everyday work shoe!

5. FARFETCH.COM – Fancy dinner or wedding shoe. Love a black option!

6. HEELS.COM – I’m in love with these Badgley Mischka pumps. I may have a wedding in Australia in October and I want these!

Moving right along with the ‘I need some height’ shoes are the wedges. I love wedges and I have a lot of them. 

1. CHARLOTTERUSSE.COM – I like a strappy option and I like the colour and shape of the heel.

2. DEBENHAMS.COM – I could actually wear these to work! I’m not the biggest fan of suede though …

3. DSW.COM – In LOVE with these! Everything about them.

4. LORDANDTAYLOR.COM – I like the mesh / webbed top of these.

5. NET-A-PORTER.COM – Love the zip at the top of this one. I dont love it though but its a less tall wedge and looks like it would be comfortable.

Even though I’m short, I actually like the comfort of flats and 9 out of 10 times I will throw on some flats and head out even if the event may call for heels. Why? Comfort that’s why. I wear heels to work everyday, a girl needs some flats in her life!

1ROCKPORT.COM – I always need a flat option for work. I don’t run around in heels all day at work.

2. GAP.COM – I’m actually in two minds bout these but I think they might look cute on my small feet!

3AEROPOSTALE.COM – These. are. too. cute.

4. NEIMANMARCUS.COM – I’m in two minds about these as well but mainly because its white and because of the bow! I hate bows.

For everyday when I just need to hop out of the house, catch a movie or just a random outing, I wear sandals. And I have a million of them!

1.SOLESOCIETY.COM – I like the detail at the top of this shoe

2.VICTORIASSECRET.COM – I want. I need. I’m buying. It’s probably purchased by the time you read this post.

3.BARNEYS.COM – I love this but will probably never ever buy it at the price tag of $350 USD … I mean … Just NO! How are these so expensive??? 

4.PACSUN.COM – Simple and sleek and silver. Love!

5.GILT.COM – A simple black everyday sandal! I have several variations of this and would still buy another.

Clearly I have a problem with shoes. I don’t think I’m too adventurous with my shoes (no flowers or bows please) but I think I have great taste in finding and choosing them! What do you think of these? Do you like shoes?

That’s all I got this Tuesday. Today is my parents anniversary so I’m looking forward to hanging with the folks tonight. See you on the flipside! Have a great Tuesday! 🙂



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