My Faves from the longest week ever!

All I have to say is thank God I took a break last weekend because I have been going literally non-stop for the last week. I am exhausted and have had the longest week ever. I almost didn’t get to this post today in fact. It’s Thursday night at 10 pm as I write this. I left home at 6 am, spent my day live tweeting at a boring ass conference and then went for drinks with my friend Alicia … and for a tattoo (woohoo) which Ill share next week. I got home at 9pm!!!! That’s 6am to 9pm folks. That’s a lot of hours not to be home and I stink. I’m beat. Seriously beat. And I cannot wait to say this to everyone as I bounce … yes bounce out of the office after work:

Fave Moments:

Going to the beach this past Sunday would definitely qualify as one of my favourite moments this week and good Lord I’m so thankful I did. I mean just look at this sky:

Another favourite moment? Getting my tattoo tonight!!! I’ve decided to share the story behind the tattoo so Ill save that for next week. It’s a personal one so be warned. I’m also too exhausted to upload the pics from my phone and so yeah that will just have to wait. I swear to you, I look like this right now:

Fave Book …. that I’m excited to read:

Kari first posted The Fault in Our Stars this week and I got excited and we decided to read it and post on it within a month. Lo and Behold today after coming home, I sit to read blogs and I see Kristen posted a review on the same book. Now I’m even more freaking excited to read it and I’m pretty sure Ill start and finish it on Saturday. If two of my fave bloggy friends love it, I’m sure I will too. Just bought it on the Kindle and screen shot the cover. Its a done deal.

Fave Celeb Story of the week:

I’m not ashamed to say that I read celeb news like its my job. Neither am I ashamed to say that I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. It used to really entertain me but now its like a car crash. You don’t really want to see the damage but bloody hell you cannot look away. This week I died of shame laughing at poor Kendall Jenner muck up when reading from a teleprompter at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Poor girl boasted …

Go on girl, boast about how poorly you can read. Make your mama proud … Oh wait … She probably is.

I’m also mildly interested in reading about Kanye (whose music I used to LOVE) and Kim’s wedding. Meh.

Fave TV Show:

Woohoo … The Bachelorette premiered this week and I did several happy dances. Seriously. More trash TV to give my brain a rest??? Yes freaking please! I loved it … I only have one question:

What the Flamingo is a Pantsapreneur?! Seriously someone tell me because I have exactly zero clues … Dude I would have eliminated you just for that.

Fave Exercise:

I didn’t exercise much this week because yeah Ive been busy, But I also didnt eat much this week either so Ill call it a win. Anyway my fave exercise this week, done entirely at home and not at the gym ……

Lunges for the win!!! Gotta work my legs and booty!

Fave Funnies:

How I feel about all the grass I’ve been eating lately …

hahaha Yes … You gotta have a sense of humour.


And because corny puppy jokes are just too cute …

Fave Song:

And because it’s the weekend and I’m so glad the week is over …

Turn Down For What (CDQ) by Lil Jon Ft. DJ Snake on Grooveshark

Guy’s it’s Friday! Have a great one!!!



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