T.G.I.F … and some Faves!

What a week! It’s been a long stressful work week but today I’m upbeat and smiling and not stressing about anything! Also, I look forward to my Friday posts. So lets get to it!

Fave Moments:

This little boy is the best thing ever. He made me an aunt. His sister is also the sweetest, but I couldn’t get the longer vid from my phone uploaded so she is cut out of the vid BOO! My sister, her hubby and her two kids live in Australia (hence his accent). Literally they live in the furthest place they can be from me :(. Although they were here in March I miss them to bits and so I cherish my almost daily vids that I get from my sis.

Funny story … Everyone in my sisters home has a different accent. She is from my country, her husband is Jamaican and both their kids are Australians by birth … and by accent. If you listen closely you will hear the difference in her accent and his! It’s the craziest thing to hear them all with different accents.

Fave Book:

Currently reading this book:

I like LaLa although I have to admit I love her husband more. Carmelo Anthony is my favourite basketball player and always will be. Well known fact that I was taken so he settled for LaLa … I kid. Good book though, although it says everything you should probably already know. Still, good before bed read.

Fave Pic:

Another pic? Seriously, I’m surprising myself with how many pics I’m uploading to this blog haha. I’m sporting a mean mug in this pic! Swear I didn’t plan to look angry I was taking a pic to check on the status of a zit. Still, it unintentionally yet accurately describes how I feel in traffic every single day on my way to work/court … I swear there’s always more traffic when I’m in a rush! #lawyermode

Ha Ha please note the seatbelt attempting to strangle me! Because I’m so short no matter how low I put the seat belt it always tries to strangle me! Also yes… elephant in the room … my eyebrows are due for a wax! Yikesies.

Fave TV Shows:

Million Dollar Listing NY: I love this show and I cannot get enough. My fave realtor is Fredrik because this:

Game of Thrones: This one needs no explanation right? Love this show and the books are even better!

Fave Workout:

I think I’m finally getting back on the ball!!! Full truth time … I have got about 25 lbs of pure fat to lose. That is a lot of lbs for my short stature! I’m trying though but every day is a struggle. Anyway my fave workout for the week is simple. The treadmill! It’s my favourite cardio and I can jog/quick walk for an hour straight on an incline. 

I’m hoping in the next month having done so much cardio, I can attempt a real run. Hey, at least I’m trying right? Although sometimes, I do feel like this:

Fave Recipe:

Grillied Salmon with avocado salsa! This just looks so yummy and so doable. I like simple when it comes to cooking. I also love fish! Growing up I ate a lot of it because my mum is semi-vegetarian and sometimes eats fish (pescatarian I think is what its called). The above  picture along with the recipe can be found here.

Fave Funnies:

Some of my friends right now … 

I’ve had this one a while now! Frank just couldn’ hang!

and because I love these …

Fave Song:

Mainly for the beat

loyal (clean) by chris brown on Grooveshark



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