Coffee cups are for Coffee!

You know what day it is. It’s that day of the week where I air my dirty laundry with the bestest bloggers in blogland and make you guys think I’m certifiably crazy. Clearly I like nothing better.

On to this weeks Confessions:

1. I refuse to drink anything other than coffee or hot tea from a coffee mug. Cold beverages or God forbid water, do not belong in a coffee mug!  Yesterday, I had just washed my coffee cup in the office kitchen and my colleague (she’s also a good friend), was having some juice from the kitchen fridge and she asked if I wanted any. The following convo ensued …

             Me: Oh yum yes, let me go grab a glass from my office 

             Her: Ummm Krys … you have a cup in your hand. 

             Me: “yes but this is a coffee cup …” 

             Her: *blank stare* …  “Its a clean cup” 

             Me: “It’s a clean coffee cup. You can’t drink juice from a coffee cup”

             Her: Its the same thing!!!


2. I was driving through a University campus last night (I tutor and ‘summer’ school is in… summer is in inverted commas because I don’t know why we in the Caribbean call it that since we do not in fact have a summer). Anyway this young couple decides to cross the street so I stopped willingly … they sauntered across gazing into each others eyes so I honked the horn, wound my window down and said ‘could we move this along? You can cuddle after you cross the street!’ Not even a little sorry. #keepitmoving

3. If I really wanted to at this very moment I could live a full two days in my car. Clothes? check. Shoes? Take your pick. Perfume/Deodarant? Check. Mouthwash? Check. Files for work? ALWAYS. I shit you not, there is even a washed and folded set of sheets in my car that my mum placed there over the weekend. My poor beautiful car. I don’t even know when the takeover of stuff happened. I don’t even think there is room at this very moment for more than two passengers without some serious rearranging.

4. Speaking of car. My car has leather seats … Monday after work I walked to my car that was parked in the sun all day. I sat down and I swear to you it was like fire on my legs. Sooooo I JUMPED … so high that I hit my head on the ceiling! Naturally I got stunned so I sat down to rub my head … but the seat was still hot scorching … aaaand repeat … several times. You’d think I would have tried something different but:

5. I change the nail polish on my hands more than once a week. My toes however have been chipping for maybe the last month. Hey, I haven’t been out much this last month and I’ll just avoid slippers till I have the time and/or patience. It might help if I didn’t frequently paint my nails in this position;

6. Sometimes when I blog I use legal terms randomly and I always have to go back and replace words and sayings. Case in point, I just deleted three ‘thereins’ and one ‘vis a vis’. I can’t help it, it’s how I write all day.

7. Also, this:

about right … ‘cept I most certainly don’t think I sit around and gaze all day. I wish though ..

I am more normal than the sum of my confessions I promise.

Have a great Wednesday guys! 🙂


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