Friday Faves!

Ahh I love Fridays’s because I get to spill all my favourite things for the week! Also … its the day before the weekend and who doesn’t love that!

Fave moment:

Living my favourite moment right now. I’m on a short vacay!!! Rules don’t belong on vacations but I do have one rule for the short break though …

Fave Nail colours:

I don’t always have time to go get a manicure so I buy a LOT of nail polish. Although I may have variations of each of these colours already, I’m realllly loving these:

Nail polish

Click on the little bottles to find them:


Fave Fash Finds:

Loving this from Forever 21. But …. they don’t have this top in black. Sigh. And that blue is a little bright for my taste. I still love it but probably wont buy it.

Found here

I would wear this entire outfit from top to bottom. I love shorts and Im always in them. Whitw shorts are hit or miss but this outfit is just enough preppy mixed with just enough sexy.

Found here

Fave Food recipe:

Guys, I love soup. I’m like an old lady like that. I’m not the best or most motivated cook but I saw this on Pinterest and want to make it. I think I’m going to try it.

Found here

Fave funnies:

Ok you guys need to watch this… The reactions are always priceless

This is so true:

Sighs … it happens

I want this shirt!

Fave song:

Yes to this song!

Vacation by G.R.L on Grooveshark

Have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂



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