Gotta get down on Friday

It’s Friday!

Whatever happened to this chick?

Anyhoo …Honestly its been a really busy week for me and by Tuesday I could have sworn it was already Thursday. But … I took a mental health day on Wednesday to recover from the first two days of the week and to prepare for my work trip so I really shouldn’t complain. Also, so much for blogging my faves poolside. This hotel bed is just too comfy for any such crazy business.

On to the Faves …

Fave Moment:

Plane rides no matter how short (mine was only 25 minutes) are great mind clearers … amiright?

Plane reads …

Fave Show:

The Bachelorette wins this one again but only because there were two episodes this week. I’ll be frank. Andi is annoying me this season, especially when she says “awesooooome” and “sooo goooood”. Please don’t Andi. Eeees not ok!

Anyway I’d just like to publicly state that if Andi doesn’t want Josh … and I have a feeling she does … but if she doesn’t … Ill gladly take him. Josh call me. I’m an attorney too and Ill gladly be your Andi. Also, I won’t say “awesooooome” :/


Fave Makeup/Beauty:

I have two mascaras that I use regularly. A M.A.C. mascara and this L’oreale voluminous million lashes. I know I have shared this  mascara with you before but I’m telling you … Get it. I never get as many compliments on my lashes as when I wear this thing.  I feel like I’m cheating on M.A.C but …. get it!

Also I was side-eyeing this not too purple but not too pink colour in my very own nail polish stash. I didn’t really love the colour in the bottle and so I had never used it before. Wednesday night I thought I’d give it a go and now I love it! Glitz on the fourth finger! (PS I’m not a fan of glitter unless its on nails … and only one nail.)

Fave Fash Find:

These shorts are so cute and simple but I love them so much. Haven’t bought them yet because well like I’ve said before I mainly wear black… but I just might really soon. Aren’t they adorable? 

Found here

Fave plant? :/

Well if this isn’t a random favourite …

At the hotel where I’m staying I saw this gorgeous plant… Its so pretty and the picture doesn’t do it justice. I know my mum will love it and I want to get her one but I have no earthly clue what this plant is. Anyone knows? 

Fave Funnies:

That awkward moment …


Every day haha

This was me at the end of Tuesday this week … 

Fave Song:

This song might be a little overplayed right now but the beat guys. The beat is everything!

Fancy (feat. Charli XCX) by Iggy Azalea on Grooveshark

Have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂



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