Honey, I shrunk … myself?

How is it Wednesday already? Seriously this week month is flying by! I’m super energized this week after my short vaca though so let’s let’s confess shall we? 

1. I weighed myself yesterday at the gym and it gives a print out of weight, BMI, and height … I have stated on this blog loudly and proudly that I am 4’11”. I’ve said it sooooo many times to people when they ask me how tall short I am. HA! Jokes on me … 

Apparently I was .8 of an inch off. Also apparently I’m a little person. Who knew! So either I’m shrinking or … I’m shrinking. By the time I’m 80 Ill be the size of an ant.

2. I’m in the middle of a cleanse right now … And the hardest part of the whole thing is that I have to drink 3 litres of water a day. 3 litres!!! If you know me you know this is a task for me. And so everytime I have to drink more water I look like this:

3. The intern … Sigh I’ve mentioned him before. Bless his heart he’s trying, but it takes extra energy to do over the work that he’s done wrong. Which happens everyday. All day. So most of the day I just want to do this …

I will say though, I was once a student intern, so Ill continue to give him a chance … and bang my head in frustration.

4. I have said before I’m not a crier. Welp last week I shocked myself. I freaked the (insert profanity) out and had a full on bawl session … because my ex-boyfriend’s best friend (who is also one of my closest friends) mentioned randomly in conversation that my ex went to the barber. Let that sink in. I freaked out because I heard he got a haircut. I’m sure he has been there many times since we broke up two months ago (the guy is very particular about his haircuts) but hearing about such mundane tasks that he is doing without my knowledge about gave me a panic attack. A haircut folks … he got a haircut. And I lost it. It’s all good now. Emotions in check and poker face back in full effect. I know what you’re thinking ….

5. Still. haven’t. watched. Frozen …I want to, I just haven’t gotten the chance.. so I’m just going to:

You didn’t have to watch Frozen to see that one coming did ya!

Have a great Wednesday guys!!!

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