Weekends are too short

Monday again. Weekends are too short. Someone really needs to advocate for four day weekends. Ill gladly do it but who do we send the petition to?

If only …

Anyway, yesterday was Father’s Day and so I took the parentals for brunch and it was such a sweet calm day. Funny story about brunch though, my mum told me to make reservations at their favourite restaurant for breakfast … I heard brunch … so we starved for the better part of the day because none of us wanted to eat before we went. Smart bunch we are.

Brunch was waterfront near the port, so we got brunch with a view. My parents love this restaurant and particularly love to dine outside when we’re here. I don’t blame them.

It was a good day! Let’s hope week is just as fab … and it should be! Although the Miami Heat lost last night, the World Cup is in full swing!

World cup 2014 logo

I love football! Where I’m from, an important football or World Cup game could literally cause the country to shut the hell down. Productivity goes to shit and everyone is glued to a TV!

I feel the need to pause and mention that on this blog, the sport where players aim for a foot to kick the ball, will be called football. So where I say football just know I’m talking about the sport you refer to as s—-r. I cant even type the ‘S’ word replacement that you sweet US peeps call it haha! Love you guys and I love the US but the sport is called football. But really … (don’t hate me!)

My teams are (and have always been) Brazil, Spain and France. Who are you backing? Do you watch?

Have a great Monday guys!!!


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