It’s been a while now since I’ve written a post with no theme, questions, or direction. Just ramblings. And if you know me I like to ramble on about any and everything. So bear with me a bit.

If there was a picture to describe my weekend, it would be that one. Ok … maybe with better glasses. Or no glasses at all since I don’t wear them. And maybe wine instead of coffee. But you get my point. I had a quiet and peaceful weekend that started on Friday, and I did nothing but read, watch a little TV, spend time with family and write. You know those times when you just sit and ponder? I had some of those moments this weekend too. So even though it was not one of my wilder weekends, it was nice.

What was particularly nice was the fact that I read. all. weekend. Before the whole law thing happened I did a degree in English Literature (actually English and History double major). Reading is second nature. I haven’t been able to get lost completely in a book for a while now and I not only completed one book but read another and started a third. What the freak? Who am I and what did I do with busy as all hell Krystal? I remember a time when I used to read a book a week. At least. Ha! Distant memory. With life and work and having a rough few months, all of that kind of went out the window. I am pretty excited that I got a renewed zest for reading.

Speaking of reading, Kari came up with an awesome idea for a bloggy book club. Once we have more details soon Ill post it on the blog sometime later this week since it starts this month! I’ll be happy for that club since it will in fact mean I must read. A reading Krystal is a happy Krystal.

In other news, I actually wrote this weekend. If you go back to my first post, I spoke about the fact that I write and that I had writer’s block. I never expanded on that though. I have written poems since I was a child so I have so many of them and I have been writing a book for way too long now. Interesting to note that it is completed in my head I just need to write it. One of the few reasons for starting this blog was to begin to write again. Reading and writing actually relaxes me and though I can party with the best of them, I like the time to myself to get lost in words.

On the fitness front, its going well also. No I haven’t lost tons of weight yet and I need to lose around 20-25 pounds, but I’m trying. And more importantly, I’m enjoying trying. Pretty excited about hitting the gym this week. Another thing I realised is that I need to sleep/rest a lot more than I do. I average 4-5 hours a night. Not enough.

The gist of it is that I need to take care of me. And this weekend I did just that with some books and a lot of some wine. I’m only recently single, and I was in a live-in relationship for a very long time with someone I have known literally since birth. Our parents are friends and he will always be in my life in some form or another. Tough one. But, for the first time since that breakup, I feel fine. That’s the truth. I’m sounding really deep in my ramblings today. Buts it is what it is. Truth is, I felt like I was kumbaya-ing the entire weekend. So peaceful. So I’m sorry for the lengthy rambles and the picture-less post. No gifs or funnies, just a lot of words. Pretty much just like my weekend.

How was your weekend? I’m sure it was more eventful than mine!

Have a great day!!


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