The week that flew by!

I feel like I say this every week but this week I really mean it. The week flew by! June came and went in a flash! It was actually a pretty quiet week. I’m heading out on the town tonight but for the most part aside from returning from my short trip on Monday, work and the gym I did nada this week. Anyway on to the Faves …

Fave Moment:

It isn’t one moment really, I started a cleanse this week and although its only been a few days, I seriously feel like a new woman. And when last evening my friend Whitney decided that we would be joining a new gym together … a gym that has a sauna and yoga classes… I seriously felt like this: 

Fave Read:

Well its not exactly my fave since I haven’t read it yet. But I’m about to read this book for the book club.

Fave on TV:

Well I’ve made no secret that I love the World Cup and that I’ve been watching. Ill be honest this is a World cup of upsets. My Spanish boys have gone home… but can we talk about Luis Suarez BITING the player from Italy on his shoulder and the FAKING a mouth injury?? 

Seriously, look at this faker:

Thank God he was banned!!!

Fave Fash Find:

Its no secret around here that I love to shop, and that I love black. I bought this Nordstroms dress which was marked down! Its not fancy, it’s pretty simple actually but I cant wait for it to arrive.

Foud here

Fave Recipe:

I’m not a very motivated chef. What I mean is when I cook, I guess I enjoy it and my food tastes great. But I don’t actually cook that often.  Well until this week. Like I said above, I started a cleanse on Monday and I’ve been doing great. For the cleanse I drink shakes for breakfast and dinner but I have to eat a big clean lunch. So this week I actually cooked every night. I made spinach, grilled chicken, grilled lamb (thank God for my George Foreman), brown rice, and countless salads. I want to attempt this recipe (using brown rice) this coming week!

Found here

I will keep eating clean even after this cleanse is done so Ill probably be blogging a lot about it. Apologies in advance for the healthy overload. On another note, why do all healthy recipes have tomatoes! Ugh

Fave Funnies:

Every single morning:

For my intern:


Cats are just too funny (I’m still a dog person though)

Fave Song:

This is an oldie from the college days. Most people probably don’t even know this song but I heard it this week and it took me back so this is my fave this week.

Impossible by Shontelle on Grooveshark

Have a great Friday and weekend! 🙂 




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