Travel to Tobago ~ A little R&R

Last Thursday I left on a short impromptu trip to get in some much needed R&R. I had a blast even though the squad I rolled with (aka my mum and her friend) were a little older than my typical crew HA! (love them still). I will take any excuse to travel to Tobago, and honestly, I loved every minute with my mum and her friend.

Anyway a little recap for ya … I’m just going to offload some photos really so here goes…



We went to a beach called Store Bay. I actually didn’t take many pictures of the actual ocean on this beach but these are pics of the little shops and food places on the beach. Lovely scenery! Also you don’t go to Store Bay and not have curried crab and dumplings. It may not look like much but I promise you it is yummo!

Travel to Tobago

Travel to Tobago

Curried crab and dumplings = yummy

A cute dude called me ‘Rasta Barbie’ just as I was snapping this selfie on the beach … dunno how I feel about it yet haha (also my hair needs to be dyed – I like it jet black)


I did nothing. Saturday I was really bummy about all sorts of things and just laid around, watched TV World Cup and slept. But its a vacation so honestly I call this a win! My dad hopped over Friday night so he spent the day Saturday with my mum and her friend. They had a blast I heard, I wouldn’t know, I was asleep for most of it. Dad left Saturday night and it was me and the ladies again.


On Sunday, my mum, her friend and I hit up another beach and oh gosh guys the water was HEAVENLY. I could have stayed in all day … But World Cup was on so I had to ditch the elderlies and head to the bar on the beach for a drink and to take in the game solo. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Travel to Tobago

Travel to Tobago

Travel to Tobago

Sunday evening I spent trying to figure out how I was going to dry the mass of hair on my head with enough time to neaten it before the next day, as I had to go to work when I landed on Monday. It was a two man job and my mum had to assist in that feat …

It took about 6 hours (probably more – typical) but it finally dried!

Monday morning we hopped the short flight and headed home and then to WORK! Talk about hit the ground running. Still, it was a short relaxing trip, as it always is when I travel to Tobago! I hope you all had a great weekend also!

Happy Tuesday guys!!


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