A comedy of errors

No this post has nothing to do with the Shakespearian play that I love so much, the title just aptly describes the week. Yup this week has been one big comedic mess. Comedic because I am choosing to laugh at all of it and because frankly each story individually is kinda funny in its tragedy. Seriously I spent the last half hour laughing with my friend about all the random craziness that’s happened so far … 

In case you are wondering, here are some tips if you want to have a good laugh this week!

1. First you must go to a class at your gym called ‘Body Blast’ because that clearly sounds like a ball of fun! If you go it will probably blast your body … as the name suggests … to the point where you want to throw up. You might get light headed and you might also realize that you are not as ‘fit’ as you thought you were. Don’t worry call your mum and sister afterwards while laying on your apt floor. A good pep talk will pick you right up and you should be fine in no time. Just tell yourself tomorrow should be better ….

2. The next day, when you have a 7 o’clock meeting … Make sure you wake up late and in pain! All you’ll have to do is jump in and out the shower and bolt out the door. Easy Peasy. Oh and if you really wanna make it a fun day make sure to forgot an important file in the process. I mean who needs the file that you are going to an early meeting to discuss anyway? 

3. Oh and when you wake up late and are rushing for a 7 am meeting at your bosses office … make sure your car has no gas … ZERO. I’m talking make sure the gas light comes on forcing you to go for gas. Because how else will you get a laugh out of the situation? 

4. Wanna know what you can do can top allllll of that off??? This is the best one yet I promise you. When you walk into your bosses swanky office that has hardwood floors (without your file of course), let your iPhone fall face forward while not in its case … Go ahead, do it. You will laugh. Promise. He will too. Even if the screen is no more.

5. Just for kicks get a call from your lady doctor on the same smashed phone, reminding you that you have an appointment on Wednesday morn … an appointment that is necessary but that you really don’t want to go to. That’s fun too. Oh make sure its a court day too. 

6. If all else fails … realize its only Wednesday and you don’t live in the USA so you don’t have a holiday on Friday … so there’s two more days and countless more errors to laugh at before the week is done. Fun Fun!

*giggle fits*

Have a great Wednesday guys … :/

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